Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Strong Body, Fit Body DVD Review

New fitness DVD review!  Strong Body, Fit Body by Erin O'Brien

I have actually had this DVD for a while now, but I haven’t written a review on it yet. Much like its predecessor, Strong BodyAgeless Body, this one is great! This DVD for sure if for those people who want to get in a good workout, but aren’t hardcore workout freaks. I have several DVD’s at home that I can’t even get through the warm up (cough, P90X, cough) and I feel defeated. Erin O’Brien’s DVD’s are for anyone, at any fitness level. I believe the DVD was released in 2010, so Mrs. O’Brien, if you are out there…your fans want/need another one! :)

I especially liked this DVD because it included more cardio and weight training than her first DVD. I love how she does each move with you the entire time, instead of just doing a few reps and talking you through it. It’s like she knows what you are going through and feels your pain! Plus, it’s just her, in her home (I’m assuming it’s her home), not a studio with a bunch of skinny girls doing the routine breathlessly while painting their nails. I am always sweaty and red faced at the end of the DVD, so I know that I got a good workout in. At one point I have to stop and breath after the set so I won’t get sick or pass out-ONLY because I get light headed and motion sick when I stand up and sit down too many times in a row. The first set has you getting down to do pushups and tricep kickbacks, and then jumping in the air. I always have to sit down and breath for a few minutes after that set in order not to get stick. I am just weird like that though! Normal people aren’t like me. LOL.

The DVD is set up as a warm-up, set 1, set 2, set 3, set 4 review, abs, and then stretching. She teaches you step by step each move, making sure you do it correctly with proper form, and then you go onto the next move. After you have learned the moves, you go through each one from the top. That concludes each of the 3 sets. The 4th set is all of the first three sets, in order, and at tempo pace. I have done the DVD multiple times and know when she will say certain things like ‘tip-toes’ or ‘tricep kickbacks’. I have it memorized. I really think Erin is a great trainer with a cute personality. You feel like she really cares about you, like she is your own personal trainer. I feel like in other trainers videos they try and make themselves look the best or sell as many DVD’s as possible, I don’t get that vibe from Erin O’Brien at all. I think she genuinely wants everyone to have a strong body and do the moves correctly.

Since she is doing the moves alongside you, she includes motivation sayings like ‘today is the today you will get through it’ or ‘don’t panic’ when she knows that there is a move coming up that might be challenging to her audience, but she knows you can get through it if you push through.
I highly recommend this DVD as a workout!

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