Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Shower Curtain

For Christmas my grandmother gave me a new shower curtain that I had my eye on.  I still love my old shower curtain, but it was time for a change.  My new one is from World’s Plus Market in case anyone likes it too.

I put it up last week and it really opened up my bathroom, I didn’t realize how dark my bathroom was before with my old shower curtain.  I keep a plastic liner inside the tub, so this shower curtain is mainly for decoration.  I love the pretty little birds on it!  I am a sucker for pretty birds!

So, with my old shower curtain I had brown hooks with it and they just didn’t match the new curtain.  The shower curtain doesn’t have brown in it and they were just too dark.  See?

Well, I looked on eBay (I had some money in my PayPal account) and I found some cool jewel ones that look much better!  What do you think?  They are a little too princess for my taste (I HATE princess crap), but I really think they complement the curtain.  I was thinking of replacing my towels on the towel rack and the bath mat to a gray color.  I am still working on the entire thing!

I am not sure why I felt that I had to show everyone my new shower curtain, but I love it and wanted to share! :)  I am trying to do a revamp of my living space, cleaning stuff out and getting rid of the clutter.  I have a lot of stuff and I am trying to clean out the clutter of my life in all areas.

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