Monday, January 27, 2014

Strawberry Picking

The #1 Bucket list item that is being checked off for 2014 is "Go strawberry picking"  Whoo hoo!!

On Saturday I went with my friend Savannah to Froberg's Farm in Alvin, TX to go strawberry picking.  I have always wanted to go strawberry picking and once I saw that Froberg's strawberry picking was open, I made sure to tell my friends.  A few other people were supposed to come with me, but things happen and only one person was able to go.  We got there around 2:30 pm and headed out to the field.  You buy a reusable bucket for $1 and then pay $2.50 per pound after that.  I think I bought $12 worth of strawberries at the end of my strawberry picking.

They told us to head to the back left of the field since no one  had been to that part that day.  We each picked a lane and got to picking!  There were so many berries everywhere!  I thought they would have been damaged in the freeze from the day before, but they weren't!  My bucket was full in no time.

Savanna and I hadn't seen each other in awhile, so we just spent the time catching up.

It's early in the season, but the strawberries are wonderful!  I have been eating strawberries at literally EVERY meal since I got home on Saturday.  I have made strawberry waffles, strawberry salads, strawberry smoothies, and strawberry cereal.  I need to try to freeze them before they go bad.

Go pick some strawberries!!  Yummy!!

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