Wednesday, June 26, 2013

River Weekend

This past weekend I brought a big group of friends to my parent’s river house in Concan, TX, which is close to Garner State Park (about 3 miles away).  I am still friends with some people in my old church’s single’s group so I invited them along.  Some of my friends were trying to make it, but they couldn’t get off of work at the last minute. :/  It was still fun though.

Every other Friday at work is a ½ day so I got off at 12 pm and headed to my house to pack my car.  I had to stop to get cash out and pick up something for lunch.  Everyone was in charge of bringing their own food for the weekend, so when I stopped to get lunch on Friday, I also picked up lunch for Saturday.  A woman named Robin was carpooling with me and she got to my house around 1 pm.  I didn’t know her very well-I had only met her once-so we talked about random stuff the entire trip up there.

We stopped at Buc-ee’s on the way (of course!) and got to Concan about 5:30 pm.  My aunt and uncle were at the cabin when we got there and stayed the night too.  I was glad they were there because we had to set up the hammocks and stuff.  So much easier with help!  They left early on Saturday to go hiking in Lost Maples park.

Everyone else got there between 7 and 11 pm.  We originally were going to have some people stay in tents, but we had just enough beds and blow up mattress to sleep all 14 of us inside without a problem.  I <3 air conditioners! :)    The next morning we had breakfast tacos and set out for Garner State Park to hike up Old Baldy.  

On the way we stopped at the sign at the entrance and took pictures.  It is a tradition that we take at least one jumping picture by the sign each time I go.  #fun

We started our hike around 10 am and made it to the top in about an hour and a half.  On the way we stopped at a cave and everyone got a blast of cool air.  We had three teenagers with us so we stopped a few times to rest.

We got to the top of the mountain (hill?) and took pictures.  We are strong!

After we got back from hiking we ate lunch and they got ready to go tubing down the river.  I didn’t go tubing with them because I have been there, done that so many times.  I knew that the river would be really low and I always hated having to walk most of the way.  I was not interested in doing that so I stayed behind with a float and some wine.  Everyone got back all sunburned and tired around 5 pm and we started cooking dinner.   

We had tons and tons of BBQ and watermelon before we got ready for the dance inside the park.
We set up our lawn chairs at the edge of the dance floor and just watched everyone dance.  The teenagers in the group loved the dance, but as an adult it’s kind of lame.  LOL. I remember thinking it was so cool when I was a kid.  Oh well, next time we will stay at the house and eat s’mores or hang by the river.

The next morning we got up, ate breakfast, packed up the cars, cleaned the house and headed to by some souvenirs.  My favorite place to get souvenirs in Concan is a store called Frio’s Dry Fifty.  The store has so many cute souvenirs and yard items that you want to buy them all.  Plus, there are tons of flamingo items for sale.  <-- I can’t wait til I buy a house to put flamingo stuff in the backyard, I will have to go shopping there when the time comes.

While we were waiting for everyone to finish shopping, I got an iced coffee and sat outside under the coolest set of chairs!  I want one of these!!

We headed home and stopped in a few little shops on the way home, plus Buc-ee’s of course!  I got home to an adorable cat that needed lots of attention.  It was a super fun weekend!

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