Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Shaun’s Graduation

My little brother Shaun graduated from high school over the weekend.  I am not sure if I have ever mentioned him, but he is one of my dad’s other kids.  When people ask me how many brothers and sisters I have, I always have to clarify first that it sounds like a lot but they are half or step siblings.

Here goes: 
My Mom and Dad were married and had me and my sister Laura.
My parents got divorced and about 8-10 years later they remarried.
My Dad had three more kids, Bridgette (9 years younger), Joshua (8 years younger), and Shaun (13 years younger).
My Mom had one more daughter Tori (10 years younger), and a stepson, Brandon (4 years younger).
So I have 1 full sister, 2 half sisters, 2 half brothers, and a step brother.  6 siblings seems like a lot but I only grew up with Laura and Tori and saw the other 3 every once in a while on the weekends.
Today I am close to Laura and Brandon, but everyone else I see only once in awhile. 

OK, now that that is cleared up, back to the graduation.  Shaun graduated on Saturday at Reliant Stadium with 600 other kids in his class.  My Dad and I drove together and were about 20 minutes late getting there, but Shaun has an S last name so it’s no big deal.  I mean, unless your kid is giving a speech, who wants to sit through all the crap at the beginning?  

So we watched him walk across the stage and waited until the end for everyone to finish walk across.  The graduated flung up their hats and had the processional to leave.

We waited for Shaun to come outside and took pictures with him. 

After everyone took pics we went to a restaurant in the Woodland’s for some yummy Italian food!!!  Afterwards we all had some cookie cake.  It was a calorie filled day.

Congrats Shaun!!!

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