Sunday, May 1, 2011

My weekend!

I had a great weekend!  I went to the beach and got super sunburned (not so great) on Saturday and on Sunday I went to the March of Dimes 5 mile walk at U of H (and got sunburned there also).

We went to Surfside beach, which I had never been to before.  Surfside is so much cleaner than Galveston and it is not as crowded as Galveston, which makes it much quieter.  You don't have to worry so much about being hit with a frisbee, which is alwasy nice!  I watched all the surfers try and ride the waves.  Did I surf you ask?  NO!  I am clumsy just walking, I can only imagine what I would be like if I had to try and balance on waves and a slippery board.  No, thank you.

The March of Dimes walk was great, I went with work and got a free tshirt!  I love free stuff, it makes me happy.  I was in charge of pictures so everytime we spotted a tshirt from our group, I made sure to run ahead and snap a pic.  Afterwards, they served hamburgers and chips.  My new favorite chips are salt and vinegar...ewwww right?  No, they are so good!  At first they taste funny, but then they really grow on you.  So now every time I eat chips (which isn't often) I try and hunt down some salt and vinegar ones.  Weird.

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