Monday, May 2, 2011

Favorite things

I am overall a pretty simple person, though I have been told I am high maintenance...which I am NOT!  Here are a few of my favorite things, in random order.

Tulips-So pretty!

Flamingos-Not much to say about these-I've loved them since I was little.

Jabba the Hutt-He's the coolest cat around so he is loved.  Don't you love his Easter bunny ears?

High heels-They make me feel taller!  At 5' 5 (cough, cough 5'3) I am on the shorter side, so I need them.

Flip flops-If I love heels, then I love flip flops more!

Glitter-Who doesn't love glitter?  It's part of my happy place.

Sunscreen-Why didn't I think about that BEFORE I went to the beach and got sunburned.

Bluebonnets-They are the State of Texas official flower and they are so beautiful.

That is all for now, I will post more of my favorites later!

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