Thursday, May 12, 2011

The thrill of the hunt

Some men like to hunt deer or bears or other defenseless animals.  Single women?  They like to husband hunt.  Yep.  Husband hunting is a sport on all women’s do to list at some point in their lives.  They might call it dating or going out with guys, but it’s husband hunting.

Recently a little voice inside my head has been telling me to stop husband hunting.  That little voice is God tell me no.  I don’t know if he wants me to stop looking because he doesn’t want me married right now, or because he wants me to open my eyes to someone around me.  I know that God will bring him to me when the timing is right.

Everytime lately when I am out in public and I see a cute guy the little voice in my head tells me “no husband hunting”.  It’s crazy!  It happens everytime!  Sometimes I quit looking, other times I continue to look anyway. Bad. Bad. Bad.

So yesterday my C.A.R.E. group from New Hope Church went to Tom Bass Park in Pearland for a BBQ.  I looked across the park and saw a cute guy playing Frisbee with his two dogs.  Everyone always says it’s a good sign that a guy is at the park with his dogs.  Naturally, I started walking over just to ‘watch’ him playing Frisbee.  As I was walking over the little voice said “No husband hunting”.  I paused for a second then I decided to keep walking (disobeying God). 

The guy noticed me and started walking towards me.  I asked him about his dogs and he answered me.  Automatically I could tell that he was gay!  Very gay.

Two things I learned from this story.
  1. When God tells you not to do something, don’t do it.
  2. Turn the opposite direction when he tells me to stop
  3. If I keep husband hunting and God keeps telling me to stop he will turn ALL MEN GAY!  I don’t want that.

So for the sake of all you men out there (and single women), I am not going to husband hunt anymore until God says it’s ok for me to because we need straight guys to marry.

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