Friday, April 22, 2011

What a Good Friday Indeed

In my church C.A.R.E. Group on Wednesdays we are doing a study on “Singles and the Serendipity.”  It’s a 8 week course studying different singles that lived in biblical times that were on a great mission for God.  Ruth, Paul, Mary Magdalene are just a few that we have studied. 

Before I started to study the bible more I thought everyone significant in the bible was married and God did things through those people only.  I have come to find out that that is not true.  You don’t have to be married, beautiful, skinny, perfect, or even have a spotless past.  God wants to use you where you are, imperfections and all.  You don’t have to be someone who is rich, powerful, or ‘important.’  God thinks you are important where you are.  He equips the called, not calls the equipped.

I read a blog posting on Proverbs 31 ministries website about how Jesus was ‘just a carpenter’.  ‘Just’.  That carpenter turned out to save the world and die for you and me (today-Good Friday actually-but if you don’t know that story he rises on Sunday and goes and sits next to God on the throne in Heaven!).  God used his son as a regular person with a regular job to do some mighty irregular things, all for you and me.

I have recently been struggling with being ‘just’ a this or that.  I am ‘just’ a single person, I am ‘just’ a mom to the coolest cat in town (Jabba the Hutt), I am ‘just’ an unimportant accounting coordinator at a very large global company, I am ‘just’ a person who has tons of student debt, I am ‘just’ a person who is overweight (but working on it).

I decided that those things don’t define me, they will propel me to do great things!  I am a daughter of God.  I am a single person who can use that to minister to other singles to use their life for Christ.  I am a mom to a cool cat who can use that to minister to other pet owners (that might be a stretch!), I can use my job to glorify God with my work and not myself, I can pay off my student loans and use it as a testimony to how God helped me get through it (hopefully really quickly!), I can use my extra weight to inspire all my friends to run a 5K with me (currently about 20 people) on my birthday (which is May 30th…don’t forget-it’s IMPORTANT!) because if I can run a 5k, then anyone can.

Think about what you ‘just’ are and see how you can use it to turn it around and give back to God. He died today over 2,000 years ago and inspired a lot of ‘normal’ people to do extraordinary things.  I know he will use me to do some amazing things!  BELIEVE IT!

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