Thursday, April 21, 2011

Faith the size of a mustand seed...

I have a friend at church who I admire very much.  She is a very christian woman who is a good influence on the way I should live my life.  We have been hanging out more and more as I am trying to bring more christian friends around me when I can. 

We are both struggling with our jobs.  Hers is because her company is not doing very well and her new boss is not a christian man and is doing and saying things that make her not trust him.  My struggles with my job are not having a career path and not being appreciated for all the work that I do.  There are people at the company and even my department that do a lot less and seem to get rewarded with promotions, praise, and raises.  It seems that the people who do good work are stomped on and the people who do shady things get everything. 

I read a verse from the bible recently honoring God with your work.  I believe myself to be a hard worker and want to do good at everything I can, but I feel that it’s not worth it to do good work here because it won’t get me anywhere.  I will be stuck here forever if I stay, and not much to show for the work that I have done.  I am trying very hard to do great work to honor God, not myself, my career goals, or my paycheck.  God needs me to work hard and I will be rewarded for it for following him and not the world.  The world says just don’t care or just quit.  I don’t want to not care or just quit.  I really want it to work out.  I am here until God moves me.  There is something else I need to learn here or do here before he does move me.  I just wish for my sanity I hurry up and learn it before I go CRAZY! Lol.

I have been praying nightly that God show me the direction he wants me to go with my life.  I know I have to keep faith that He is working behind the scenes to move me to greatness in whatever will honor him.  I know there is a plan, I just can’t see it.

Anyway, back to my friend.  She had gone on a few interviews and was offered a new position, but she didn’t take it.  God had plans for her.  She had a meeting with her boss and they had a talk about the things that were upsetting her with her job.  She came out of that meeting with and $8k raise.  $8,000?!?!  Wow.  God really blesses his people.  She kept praying and believing and God took care of her and he did in a big way. 

Knowing my company, and knowing things about my supervisors I will never be appreciated enough to get a $8K raise.  Last year when I did get a raise they told me to write down a number and when I did they didn’t like it or me enough to give me anywhere close to it.  They keep saying that they want to keep me but with their actions especially lately they seem to not care what I do.

But God cares what I do, and God cares about me.  So I will continue to pray and keep faith and work to honor him until he shows me what to do next.  I have to have faith of a mustard seed, right?  God has a plan for me and God has a plan for YOU!  I know that God will bless me abundantly throughout my life.  I just need to be open to receiving them.

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  1. Keep the faith, lady! You're doing such a great job of staying positive despite being in a negative situation at work. I know exactly how you feel having gone through a similar situation with my past employer. Sometimes, great discontentment is a sign that you're not on the right path, so keep your eyes open for opportunities and always keep your feelers out there! I KNOW God will deliver some great opportunity into your life as long as you continue to be faithful and keep praying. You are awesome and someday soon enough, you'll be appreciated, praised and PAID accordingly!