Friday, March 20, 2015

The Texas Madness Massacre

Yesterday SFASU Men’s Basketball competed in the NCAA tournament against Utah.  Like last year, the alumni of SFA had watch parties all over Texas (and even one in Virginia) so that we could all watch the game together.  I deleted my FB profile a while ago and I had not seen the men’s basketball updates like I usually did through my newsfeed. After a quick google search that said they had made it into the tournament, I called the Alumni Association office to see if they were hosting watch parties like they had last year.  They were having them in several Houston areas locations and asked if I could host one at Lucky’s Pub.  I wouldn’t have to do anything except put out some SFA Alumni materials that they shipped to me.

I made it to the game (and got a GREAT parking spot) at around 6 pm.  The kickoff was originally supposed to be around 6:30, but it got moved back to just after 7 pm.  I put out the free koozies, pens, pins, and hyper-color cups for everyone to take.  I think we had about 300 people there. 

I met up with some Driving Jacks members and we all sat together.  I looked up and I saw Hector coming over to where we were sitting.  I didn’t even know he was in town (he’s been in California for work the past 1.5 months)!  We all sat together and watched the game.  

Some of us really got into it……LOL. 
That's not my hand in the way. haha.
The game was fun to watch, but the end was sad.  SFA lost to Utah 50-57.  They played a good game and I am happy that they made it far!  They had a wonderful season and played their best. 

As for Texas…all five teams that made it to the tournament were kicked out last night. Baylor, SMU, Texas, Texas Southern and Stephen F. Austin logged a combined 0-5 record.   Whomp, whomp, whomp.  It was like the Texas MadnessMassacre (I saw that on an article comment and though it was funny, hence the name of this post).  Two of the teams were favored to advance, but they were beaten too (Baylor and SMU).

Now I will go back to not caring about basketball.  Or Football.  Or baseball.  Well, baseball will be on my mind when this little guy starts playing.  He joined a “K-Ball” team and has started practicing.  His first game was supposed to be Saturday, but it got cancelled due to rain.  K-Ball is a precursor to T-Ball, which is a precursor to baseball. 

My very cute nephew, Cole

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