Monday, March 16, 2015

Rodeo Houston

It’s Rodeo time in Houston!  Tonight is my last night volunteering for my committee and boy am I tired.  The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo has over 31,000 volunteers that spend their free time helping to raise money for scholarships.  This is my second year on as a volunteer and it is very rewarding.  All committees raise money for scholarships, but my committee also does good in another way.  We are the Special Children’s Committee and we take special needs adults and children around the rodeo and also 3 concerts.  I love seeing the children’s face light up when they dance or when they see their favorite animal.  

I have gone a few times with friends and family to the rodeo and I wanted to include some pictures!  We have one more concert to work (tonight, Dierk's Bentley) and then we have a committee party.  I am tired (it's Monday!) so I might not make it to the party. I am getting old. LOL. :)

Centerpieces for Rodeo Week at work that I helped coordinate

Centerpiece #2 for Rodeo Week at work that I helped coordinate

SCC bandana that everyone has to wear

I love this flower box art!  Students compete in a competition during the rodeo and this is one of the entries

Me and Cole!  I am not exactly sure what happened to my camera phone.  I think it was just the sun.

Rainy day at the carnival.  Sad carnival.

My tomato was in the shape of a heart!  Does this mean love is in the air?! ;)

Rodeo Bling

Me and Cole again!  We were watching the muttin' bustin' competition

Group Selfie (minus Cole)

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