Monday, March 30, 2015

Wheel of Fortune Auditions

This weekend my sister and I traveled to Austin, TX (about 2.5 hours away) to try for a chance to be on the Wheel of Fortune.  I have tried out to be on two game shows in my life and they both just have happened to be within a few months of each other.  I need to make a post about the Family Feud.  Spoiler alert:  we didn’t get picked for either one! :)

How did find out about them?  My sister is a Wheel Watchers member and got an email.

Side note about the venue, First Texas Honda.  I loved this dealership, they were so welcoming to all of us.  I really enjoyed being there.

My sister and I left Houston about 8:15 am and stopped a few times along the way.  We were going to stop on the way to get food, but we decided to just wait until after we get our applications.  We got there and were able to make it inside before the line started to snake around the building.  They only give out 1,000 applications per hour and there are three times you need to stand in line. 

You fill out an application (see below) with your name and basic information.  The back of the card tells you the rules.  There were three different times and three different colors of applications.  Our application colors for this day were orange, pink, and blue (I might be wrong on the 2nd color but that doesn’t matter).
 Edited out some personal info

How the application process works:  The first 1,000 stand in line and get the yellow applications.  About 30 minutes before they let you get out of line and go stand closer to the stage.  While the first set of tryouts are going on, the second set is lining up.  (We didn’t realize this and missed out on getting in line for the second set of auditions)  Technically you can get in line for all three auditions, but you have to make sure you can hear the announcer call your name if you are in line.  The line wraps around the outside of the building so it might be hard to hear the announcer.  By the time the first set of tryouts begin; the applications are all given away.

Each round goes the same, so make sure you get there early and get in line.  After you get your application turned in, go back immediately and get in line for the 2nd line so you will be inside and get an application. 

How you get picked:  When you get your application filled out you can put it in the yellow box.  10 minutes before the start of the 2nd round, all applications must be in it (per the back of the application) and they bring it to the stage.  They put all applications in a big raffle drum and pull names, 5 at a time.  The drawing is random and you are not guaranteed to get picked.  You have an 1 out of 1,000 (or 45/1000 chance since they choose about 45 people???  IDK about statistics.  LOL) shot at getting picked each round (depending on how many people are there, but just plan on all 1,000 applications being filled out).  The first time they draw for each round, they choose 10 people so 5 are in the waiting area being prepped each time.

Getting on stage:  Once you get your named drawn, your audition starts immediately.  They want you to be really loud and proud when you get picked.  (Think the Price is Right audience members that go crazy)  You go to the holding area and they give you instructions (I didn’t make this part so I can’t give you any clues).

Once someone solves the puzzle, those 5 members turn is up and it’s the next group of 5 peoples turn.  The announcer talks to each person for a few minutes and he seemed to talk longer to the people who had lots of personality.  Some people even did a trick or an act; some were funny and made everyone laugh.  I think the ones who had personality (singing, dancing, hula hooping, air guitaring, etc) were the ones who would make it to the next round. 

They would give everyone a puzzle to solve and ask the audience to SHHHHH!  Each of the 5 people were able to guess a letter and once someone solves it, everyone’s audition is over.  Everyone on stage gets some sort of Wheel of Fortune prize.  The prizes vary from t-shirts, fanny packs, collapsible bags, power packs, pics of Vanna  and Pat, cardboard wheel cutouts, light up pins, etc.  Rinse, lather, repeat.

After they called about 30-40 people (it seemed-I didn’t count) they take a break and start the next round.  BUT remember, while all this is going on, other people trying to get an audition are in line for the next set of auditions (three a day). 

2nd chance drawing:  They take all of the applications back with them to Los Angeles (I think that’s where they said they were from) and choose a few random people to come back to audition a second time.  Not everyone who makes it on stage gets to go to the 2nd round either.

2nd round of auditions:  I have no idea; I haven’t been called or emailed about them.  Sorry! :)

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