Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Visiting Cadillac Ranch

After we visited Route 66, we traveled to CadillacRanch!  I have wanted to visit Cadillac Ranch for YEARS!!!  YEARS!  I had never been to West Texas but I have heard about Cadillac Ranch and knew I wanted to visit it. 

Apparently, for years some local people have been lobbying to tear down Cadillac Ranch because it’s an eyesore (but a beautiful/cool/unique one, I say!), but the eccentric millionaire owner had always been able to stop them from tearing it down.  However, this past July the owner died and people are unsure if the fate of the famous landmark.  Just in case it is to be torn down soon, I wanted to make sure that I saw it first.  That is another reason why I decided to axe the Marfa, TX lights in favor for Cadillac Ranch.  I figure that unknown natural phenomenon’s (they think) will be there for a lot longer than man-made, spray paint covered ones.

Yes, it is just a bunch (10) of old Cadillac’s stuck in the ground, but I loved it!  I had three cans of spray paint that I had used for various craft projects, so I brought them with me.  I had heard that the local Home Depot sold more cans of spray paint than any other store in the country.  How cool is that?

We arrived at Cadillac Ranch and it was freakin’ freezin’!  I mean cold, man.  I had my new gloves and hat, but I didn’t want to wear the gloves because they might get paint on them (my fingers did, so I know I would have ruined the gloves).  Each of us was armed with a can of spray paint and went to town on painting the Cadillac’s.

There were about 20-30 people there when we arrived, ranging from kids to older adults.  The paint was so thick on the Cadillac’s!  Someone next to me found a paint chip next to me on the ground and it was at least an inch thick!  Crazy!  I can only imagine what the difference will be when they pull the Cadillac’s from the ground and you can see the front end with no paint.

After we had our fill of spray paint and the cold weather, we decided to pack it up and head on out.  We gave our cans of spray paint to other people that were walking through the gate.  I didn’t want to take it back home and some of the people didn’t have any in their hands.  Share the wealth, I say!

Right down the street from Cadillac Ranch is a RV camp that has Cadillac Ranch souvenirs ranging from t-shirts to postcards to magnets to guitar picks.  I got a Cadillac Ranch pin that I am going to make an ornament from with felt and a ribbon (or some other sort of craftiness medium).

Bucket List item #2 for the day is complete!

For more pictures of this trip, go here.

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  1. That's a fascinating kind of ranch indeed. A 'Cadillac Ranch'? It’s certainly worth checking out. In a way, this edifies a ranch's appeal, by showing the value of having an entire area and expanse all to yourself, as a landscape that is for you to redefine.

    Wilbert Bowers @ Mirr Ranch Group