Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Traveling Down Route 66

We got up the next morning to a cold and chilly morning in Amarillo.  I hadn't realized that Amarillo was part of the famous Route 66 and I realized that I could check off another bucket list item!!!!!!!!!  If all went well, I could get three done in one day!

We got directions from the front desk at the hotel and headed that way.  The famous Route 66 in Amarillo is off of 6th Street and Georgia.  From I-40 you exit Georgia and take a right (or left depending where you are coming from) and went all the way to 6th Street and took a left.  There were a ton of antique shops (and tattoo parlors-weird!) on that street.  We got there around 9 am, but the stores didn’t open until 10 am (this was a Saturday-I think they open earlier on the weekdays). 

We took some pictures of the signs but we were so cold that we decided to go get some hats/gloves beforehand and then come back.  *We actually went to Cadillac Ranch next, but for the purpose of this story we will pretend we went straight back to Route 66 after we got some warm clothing items!

After we got our hats and gloves it was after 10 am and we headed back to a cute store that we saw some Route 66 items through the window.  It was an antique store but also a souvenir shop and I found a cute postcard and magnet.  I was really looking for an ornament for my tree, but I couldn't find one.  I decided just to buy a magnet and add a ribbon to it with a hot glue gun.  Simple!

Quick story:  I decided that when I travel from now on, I will buy an ornament at each place I visit or when I complete a bucket list item, I will try and buy one then too.  I don’t want one for souvenirs when other people travel, only when I travel somewhere.  Doesn't that sound like a fun tree?!

Anyway, after we went to Route 66 we visited some other cute antique shops and we almost went to get an ice cream at the place across the street but we were too cold and it wasn’t quite lunchtime yet.

Bucket list item #1 of the day completed!  Route 66 was fun!  For more pictures, go here.

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