Monday, December 8, 2014


On Thanksgiving afternoon we took my nieces and nephews to the park .  We were all taking turns sliding with my niece down the slide.  She was laughing and giggling, it was so cute!

Kali is very squirmy and does not like to sit still, but what 1.5 year old does?  I was sliding with her and she was squrimy and kicked out her leg.  It got caught between mine and the slide. :/  We couldn't stop because of the slide momentum and she broke her leg.  I felt so bad but everyone keeps saying it was not my fault and it was an accident.  I still feel like it was my fault. :(

Anyway, that is the back story as to why she has a cast on her leg at a year and a half.  My sister bought her cute Casttoos (cast tattoos) in the shape of candy!  My nephew broke his leg a few years ago and got Casttoos then.

They are super cute and easy to apply.  You just peel them off and use a blow dryer for 10 seconds to adhere them to the cast.

The only thing is that the images are huge for a little toddlers cast.  My sister ordered them and got the small size, but they are still overly large for a toddler.  There is a sizing chart on their website though.

You can even get them in the shape of whatever bone you broke!
Image taken from the Casttoo website

Kali is doing well with the cast, she can't walk on it but can stand up with one foot pointed like a ballerina.  She crawls around (hence the dirt on the top) with it just like before she learned to walk.  That kid doesn't let anything slow her down! :)

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