Friday, October 25, 2013

Warner Bros. Studio tour

(This is a late post that should have been posted in August.  Sorry!)

While in LA on Monday I went on a tour of the Warner Bros. studios.  It was so cool!  Highly recommended.  I didn't realize that it took up so much room and it was in the middle of what seemed like a busy area of town.  (For more pics go here)

You walk into the tour and go to the gift shop to check in or buy tickets.  There was so many items you could buy including Harry Potter, Big Bang Theory, Ellen, Friends, and more. 

We got on a big golf cart and rode onto the lot seeing everything we could!  There was a big group of fake streets and towns in one section.  You could see where Pretty Little Liars and other shows were currently being filmed.  It was so neat seeing that the same houses were used on one show, then it was used on a completely different show.  Like the Gellars house from Friends is the same house as used on a completely different show with a different theme!  Super cool.  I think that town is called Anytown or Anywhere, USA.
I am not sure what house this is used as, but I know it was/is being used as a house in a t.v. show or movie. I just didn't write it down! From the outside it looks like a real house and street, but inside it is just shells that they dress up as they need to.  Super impressed with their trickery! :)

There was also a lagoon that they fill up for a current t.v. show Heart of Dixie.  The lagoon (and surrounding area) is used a lot for movies including Jurassic Park.

We got to see the actual set of Heart of Dixie that was being dressed up for that weeks taping.  We got to walk throughout the set in the kitchen, entryway, outside, etc.  It was super cool!  We weren't allowed to take any pictures inside, but we did walk through it.  We were going to see the Pretty Little Liars set too, but the red light was on, meaning a show was being taped in it.

After the studio lots we went to the special cars section to see cool cars that were in the movies nad tv shows including Harry Potter, Scooby Doo, Batman, Austin Powers, Willy Wonka, Big Bang Theory and more.

We went to the props house where they store all the stuff to dress up a t.v/movie set.  They had moved the actual Central Perk set from Friends to that building from the sound stage and recreated it for everyone to see.  I got to sit on the Central Perk couch!

At the end of the tour we got to go to a big museum building that had tons of artifacts from the shows and movies Warner Bros had produced.  Old and new shows/movies were featured with costumes and props that had been used in the movies (sorry, I didn't take pictures of this).  The upstairs was an entire Harry Potter movie museum.  Super cool!

It was a great tour and I am so glad I got to go on it.  Highly, highly, highly recommended!  For more pics go here.

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