Monday, October 21, 2013

Fun at the Woodlands Children's Museum

On Friday I took my nephew Cole to the Woodlands Children's Museum while my sister went to the doctor. I met them at Chick Fil A and Cole was playing in the playground when he saw me through the glass and said to his friend (random kid in the playground), that's my Aunt Stepy! It was so cute!! He came running out of the playground to see me. A little while later, Laura left and so did we to good to the museum.
I thought the museum was in the Woodlands Mall still, but apparently it moved further back into the Woodland's a while ago off of W. Panther Creek. The sign on the building is so tiny that we drove around awhile looking for it before I eventually called them to see what stores they were by. Anyway, we paid the $10 entry fee for the both of us and we set out to play. Cole was in Heaven at this place! He played and played!
He played at the train set the longest, lining up the cars in a looooooooong row on the track. I swear,he gathered up almost every car (besides the ones that the other kids were playing with) and made one long row. He kept going back to that train track section over and over again.
His next favorite section was the house/store. He would not leave that cart and all that food.
When it was time to leave he kept saying '5 more minutes' when I told him it was time to go. Then when those 5 minutes were over, he would say it again. He would only go when I promised him that we would come back soon. I think my Mom is going to get him a membership for a year so that they can go anytime they want.

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