Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hollywood Sign and Walk of Fame

(This is a late post that should have been posted in August.  Sorry!)

While in Los Angeles I made sure to see the Hollywood Sign up close while I was there.  So after my aerobics class with R. Simmons, I drove up to the sign.

I googled how to get to it, and found a trail, but all along it the signs said no parking and I wasn't about to get towed in LA!  I did get really close, but not right up to it like I planned.  Oh well!  I saw it.

I of course did the obligatory 'jump' pose!

Afterwards I drove up to Hollywood Blvd to see if I could spot some celebrity stars.  For some reason I thought that the hand prints were with the starts, but apparently that is a whole different tourist attraction!  Oh well!  I had to take a picture for my Mom of Tom Petty's sign.  <---i a="" and="" as="" both="" br="" by="" could="" etc="" favorite="" genre.="" grew="" guns="" heart="" i="" it="" kid="" listen="" lol.="" made="" much.="" music="" my="" nbsp="" of="" parents="" petty="" probably="" recite="" rock="" rolling="" roses="" s="" since="" so="" still="" stones="" that="" they="" to="" tom="" too="" up="" us="" used="" was="" when="" with="" you="">

Anyway, I saw several other ones too Betty White, Reba McEntire, Bette Midler, Walt Disney, Britney Spears, and more.  My sister wanted me to find Aerosmith's star, but apparently they don't have one yet. (she is obsessed with Steven Tyler).

It was so busy that I just decided to get out of there. I did have a groupon for a LA home tour, but the amount of people sort of overwhelmed me and I didn't feel like being in such a big crowd for any longer.  LA is packed!

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