Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sweatin' with Richard Simmons

(Late post from August-procrastinator!) I did it, I actually took a class at Richard Simmons 'Slimmons' aerobics studio while in Los Angeles! I have always wanted to meet him and it is a bucket list item! So fun.
I tweeted that I was taking his class and he tweeted back that he couldn't wait to hug me!!!! I skipped my conference on Saturday to attend his aerobics class. Richard teaches classes at Slimmons studio on Tuesday, Thursdays, and Saturdays and my flight schedule would only allow me to take the class on Saturday morning. I got the studio early and bought a "I Sweat with Richard Simmons" tank top. I forgot to take a picture of it, but I will take one and try to remember to post it! (bad blogger!)
Richard came in and spoke with everyone and then we started the class. There were so many people at the class it was sort of crowded. We all got down and sweat our hearts out while rockin' to Beatles tunes. It was Beatles day and Richard was dressed up in a Beatles outfit (complete with a musical tie). There were guys and girls there, some people even wearing 80's outfits. I just wore a race shirt and hot pink shorts. (I should have planned my outfit more appropriately!)

Afterwards we got to take a picture with him. Earlier, before class, I went to the original Sprinkles cupcakes in Beverly Hills to kill time. I mentioned that I was taking the class and Sprinkles said I could have a free cupcake for him! The entire store (staff and customers) voted on giving him a red velvet cupcake. I gave it to him when I met him. I felt weird giving him a calorie filled cupcake right after a workout, but whatever! :)

It was a very fun time. I am glad I got to meet him!!

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