Friday, May 4, 2012

Create a Will

In my Financial Peace University class at work Dave Ramsey mentioned on one of the dvd's (or was it a book?) that everyone needed to make a will. Yikes, I hadn't even thought of it! I know it seems morbid and you don't want to think about it...but you should!  You have worked hard for your things, pass them on to the people you care about.  Make it TODAY, you aren't promised a tomorrow.  "This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!" Psalms 118:24.

Why would I need a will, I don't have anything!  haha.  That's what I kept telling myself, but the more I thought about it the more I thought I wanted to make one.  In Texas (I'm not sure about other states), if you do not have a will the court will decide who gets your belongings.  The government decides on things all day, do you want them to decide on YOUR stuff?  Think about how many times you have complained about the government and how they do things! haha  They will decide on everything from your house, your kids (poor Jabba), your 401K, your savings, etc.  Even if your family 'knows' your wishes, it won't matter.  Write it out and sign it!  Think about everything you have and write it down; your car, your children (where will they go, who will take care of them), your savings/checking accounts, your 401K, your life insurance, your belongings, your jewelry, your pets, your house, your business, your rental/extra properties, and/or your investments (I know I am forgetting some stuff!).  Also think who it will go to; your family, your kids, your baby mama, or your favorite charity (Ronald McDonald house, Make a Wish Foundation, Driving Jacks, Girls on the Run, and the SPCA are a few of my favorites).

(not my real will! Source)

I started my will in March and had a basic idea of who I wanted my items/money to go to in the event of my death.  I knew that since I do not have children (Jabba 'technically' doesn't count in this case) or a husband that I wanted my nephews to get everything (basically).  I won't go into details of what I am giving (too personal, sorry!) but you get the idea.  I will tell you that Jabba goes to my friend Mandy who just happens to be his godmother. :)

While I had started it in March, I did not finish it until today.  Me=Procrastinator.  What made me finish it?  Well, I am going skydiving on Sunday as part of my 30 Before 30 List.  Who's terrified to jump out of a perfectly good airplane?  THIS GIRL!!!!!!

The thought of the government making decisions on my behalf about who gets MY stuff drove me nuts!  I printed the document (technically the will can be a napkin as long as it has your signature), had two witnesses sign it, and also had it notarized. It is currently on it's way to my parents house via the mail to be placed in their safe (well, they don't know that yet but they will find that out when they get it in the mail)  :)

So what is your action plan?  MAKE A WILL TODAY!  Skydiving or not. 

Wish me luck on Sunday when I jump!!

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