Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Laziness Confessions

I have a confession. :/ I have not been running and exercising as I should.  I have put on lbs that I had recently lost, I have lost my focus, I have become LAZY again. I have pictures for encouragement as soon as you walk in my door, but I choose to look away from them.

I do not go to the gym or even turn on a tape.  “I don’t want to get sweaty and gross” or “I’m sleepy” or “I will do it tomorrow” or “I want to spend time with Jabba” or “I need to do XX or XX instead” or “It’s dark outside and I don’t know this area very well” or “It’s dark outside and I don’t know how safe it is” are just some of my excuses I have been telling myself.
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!   It’s time to quit making excuses and make the LIFE that I want to have.  I’m not getting any younger. J

In order to do that I have began to plan my return back to running.  Remember my 2012 goals?  Well, they aren’t all going so well.  That is about to CHANGE though.  It’s the year of the OLYMPICS for goodness sakes.  How many of us will be inspired by their dedication (and their athletic bodies) and will get out and do something.  Some people will do it for a day, a week, a month, a year.  I want to choose to do it for LIFE!
So, this is my schedule for the fall running season.  I am not doing any 5K races, I am concentrating on 10K’s, 10 Milers, ½ Marathons, 30K’s, and MARATHONS!  Yep, I said it.  January 2013 will be the month of the marathon.  I have chosen these 6 (maybe 7) races based on training plans, time in between them, and meeting my goals.  Plus I can win some BLING for finishing them. Gotta love bling.  If I finish the Texas Bridge Series (Toughest 10K Galveston and Kemah, and also LaPorte ½), I will get an extra medal!
Here they are, if you want to do any of them with me let me know (or sign up!).

Toughest 10K-Kemah-September 15th -$30 (by Aug 15th) Kemah

10 for Texas-October 13th -$55 (by October 7th)-The Woodlands
Toughest 10K-Galveston-October 20th -$30 (By July 29th)  Galveston
Chosen ½ Marathon-October 27th $75 (BY JUNE 30TH) Total: $88.40 (New Braunsfels)

LaPorte by the Bay ½ Marathon-December 2nd-$65 (By Nov 2nd) Seabrook
Naughty or Nice 30K (tentative-website is not updated)

Houston Marathon-January 13th $125
Disney Marathon-January 13th $150
Why these two?  Well, originally I wanted to prepare for either the NYC Marathon or the Philadelphia Marathon, but being the lazy bum that I am, I haven’t been running and am WAY out of shape to run either of those.  If I choose the HOUSTON MARATHON my family/friends can be there and it’s cheaper (no travel costs).  However, it’s a lottery system so I am not guaranteed entry.  If I don’t get into that one, I decided on the DISNEY MARATHON! Whoop whoop.  Pros:  It would be super cool to say that my first marathon was Disney,  It’s the 20th Anniversary, I’ve never been to Disney so I could see Disney!  Cons:  Travel costs would be expensive, I’ve never had to travel for a race before and my family and friends can’t travel that far (less support).  It really depends on if I get into the Houston Marathon or not. :/  We shall know in late June or early July!

So, if you hear me making excuses or being LAZY please let me know and give me a swift kick in the rear.  2012 is the year of changing my life for the better and so far it has been status quo.  Come on!   We have 8 months left, get in gear with me. J
Life does not have a remote, get off the couch and change it yourself!

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