Saturday, May 19, 2012

Board of Directors

My entire life I have had  my own set of Board of Directors that sat around in the big space that has been my life.  Some of these BOD's were appointed, some decided they would push themselves on board, and others were brought in by other BOD's.

I always ran decisions by them to see what they thought.  I wasn't the CEO of my own life, they made the decisions for me.  Most of the time I did what they said or took their opinion.  A few times I decided to either not ask for their opinion or not take their advice; these times were horrendous.  I rocked the boat!  How dare I not consult with them.  Who did I think I was, I can't just go make decisions on my own.  Afterall, they were just looking out in my life's best interest.

These BOD's loved to take credit for my life and brag about the things I have accomplished like they were there the entire time doing all the work and finalizing the details, but in reality these BOD's weren't always there.  The BOD's loved to get together and plot on how best to make me bend.  Gossiping together about how I did this or that.  They had there own lives to manage also, they couldn't always be bothered by the 'little things' like 1/2 marathons, birthday parties, 5K's, 30 under 30 lists, and many other things that I had accomplished.


So TODAY I have made a decision and I am taking a page from Donald Trump and FIRING all of my BOD's.

There will be no more BOD's sitting on the committee that is known my life.  There will be no more questions to them or looking to them for guidance.  I do believe that there will be some resistance from them because their roots run deep.  Yanking them out will be difficult and I am sure I will some screaming and guilt trips.

So, for all you BOD's out there (if you think I am talking about you, then you are probably correct), I am not asking for your opinion and I do not want to hear it.  No guilt trips, no negativity, no 'well I think', and no more ganging up on me.

I have been hurt way to many times by your lack of caring about my feelings.  CEO's have feelings! 

This CEO is taking her life back and it begins today.  Show support for me or get out of my way.

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