Wednesday, May 30, 2012

50 Shades of Grey

I loved 50 Shades of Grey!  Sometimes I was a bit sick of all the sex scenes but the story itself was intriguing.  I really wanted to know what the heck happened to him to make him so messed up.  Spill the beans Christopher.  Book review- I don’t want to give too much away, but I wanted to point out a few points that I loved/rolled my eyes out.
Email address-What mid twenties girl in this day and age does not have an email address? Really?!
Controlling and stalking have got to go
All the time-doesn’t she get tired?  This is NOT realistic.
Loved the emails between the two of them including the subjects of the emails and Christians signature line changing.
I just finished the second book and am on to the last one. NO!  I don’t want to be done, I really need to read more slowly. Haha.

Wanna here a funny story that is semi related to the book (my friend is going to KILL ME for telling it so I won’t use her real name) and I swear this really isn’t me!

(Edited to add:  This is actually from the SECOND book, 50 Shades Darker...but the story is still hilarious. Read on)

>>Do you remember the silver balls in the story?  If not, then don’t pass go and collect $200…go straight and get the book!  So the silver balls I am talking about are ben-wah balls (they help strengthen the Kegal muscles).My friend decided that she needed to strengthen her kegals so she purchased them and put them in.  She had used them before so she decided that she could take them places with her…the place was Taco Bell.  Originally they were going to go through the drive thru but the line was too long so she went inside.  She was standing in line and feels one drop out, she looks down and hears it drop on the ground and bounce away from her.  She was looking around trying to find it, and the guy in front of her points across the room.  Mortified she picks it up, not making eye contact with anyone and heads straight for the car. <<
I laugh hysterically every time I think of this story and remember how mortified she was when telling me.   I <3 my friends and their embarrassing stories.  Maybe I shouldn’t have posted this because my friend knows WAAAAY more embarrassing stuff about me. Haha.

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