Friday, June 2, 2017

Learning to Surf

During my cruise one of the stops was Puerto Rico.  It is considered a US Territory so you can use US currency there with no problem.  I was browsing the excursions on the cruise website and came across surfing lessons.  It is on my bucket list, so I signed up!  I mean, who wouldn’t want to learn how to surf in Puerto Rico?!?!

We got off the boat and got in line for the bus.  There were two boats that docked around the same time and both had people booked for the surfing excursion.  We drove about 20-30 minutes to a hotel on the water.  They first showed us how to get up on the board in the sand and then we moved to the water. 
Me all pretending I know what I'm doing.  
Paddle, paddle, paddle. Jump up!  Sooooooooo easy in the sand but on the water it is difficult!  I almost got up once or twice but quickly fell.  Let me tell you, surfing wears you out!  After I swallowed a ton of salt water, I was done.  I wanted to take a break and maybe try it again later-we still had a few hours left, but I couldn’t get back to shore.
Look at me, I'm surfing!  #notreally
I would swim  a few strokes and get pulled back in by the tide.  I am a semi-strong swimmer but man.    Naturally, I started to panic after a few minutes of the back and forth with the tide.  I know you are supposed to stay calm, but I couldn’t in that situation.  Luckily, two of the instructors saw me in distress and helped me to shore.  One of them had abs for dayyyyyzzzzzzz.  #hottie
Can't figure out how to rotate this

So, that ended my surfing career.  The rest of the time I lounged on the beach with my surfboard and watched everyone else.  There were two girls from the other boat that said “I know this is awful, but when you were out there all I could think of was the hottie saving me while drowning”.   LOL.  

OH!!!!!  I almost forgot to mention that I found a piece of sea glass after almost drowning.  I plopped down in exhaustion next to my surfboard and looked down to see a piece of white sea glass.  Bucket list #2!!  I put it in one of those pin holders, glued it shut, and added ribbon to it to make an ornament.  One day I will have to show you guys all of my bucket list/travel ornaments that I have in my collection.
Sea glass!!!!

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