Saturday, June 3, 2017

Happenings Lately Volume 13

Decided I want one of these cacti from Sprouts.  I walked by them and I almost bought one but I decided to wait.  I can't choose!

Got a Aldi Quarter Keeper off Etsy.  Do you ever go to Aldi and don't have a friggin' quarter for your basket?  It happens to me ALL THE TIME!  So, I saw these on Etsy and decided to get one.  I also got one for my step-mom who also goes there a lot.  It fits two quarters, just in case one drops out or something.  Anyway, I just keep it on my key chain so I always have one.

Went to a Memorial Day Crawfish Boil #notplantbased.  40 lbs of crawfish just waiting to be eaten.  It was so sad, most of them would hide if you put your hand in there but this one would try and fight you!  It had some balls.  I asked them not to kill it and set it free, but I am pretty sure they killed it because I ate one that looked remarkably similar....

Made a dip that everyone loved.  This is the easiest spinach dip on the planet and everyone was raving about it the entire party.  I felt like an accomplished chef.
Got a deformed cherry in my stack.  Hmph.  'Twas delicious though.

Tried my first charcoal mask!  Apparently I live under a rock and charcoal masks are ALL THE RAGE!  Charcoal pulls twice its weight in impurities, dirt and oil from your face.  You can see the light grey is just the grey mask but the dark/black spots are all the yucky stuff my face had on it-and I wash my face all the time.   Sometimes you just need a little deep cleanse. You can do this once or twice a week, depending on how oily you are.  My nose gets really oily-I mean, look how dark that is!  Yuck.  Anyway, you can get one for you here at my Mary Kay online website.  Pro tip:  Get the foundation brush too. It makes apply sooooooo much easier because if you use your hand it absorbs into your hand and you lose so much product-same with a sponge.  Mary Kay's mask is great because you don't have to pull it off your face (painful!), you just wash it off.  My face was baby smooth after doing it and my pores were smaller too.  My Dad tried it on his nose and he liked it too.

Tried dehydrating fruit. So, I tried dehydrated mango from Whole Foods and OMGGGGGG! I fell in love.  Since it is $7.99 per pound, I decided that was a bit expensive and tried to make my own.  I borrowed my uncles oooooooooolllllllddddd dehydrater and it didn't work very well.  I left it in there overnight and it didn't get all the moisture out. Have no fear though-I got one from my parents for my birthday!!!

Went to Torchy's Tacos.  I had been wanting to try this place (not bucket list) but when we went (Sugarland location), I was NOT impressed.  The tortillas were not fresh-they tasted like the nasty ones you buy at the grocery store.  There was something else that tasted funny but I don't remember.  They have such a fun menu, too bad they don't use fresh ingredients.

Got a new Kendra Scott Necklace for my birthday.  During your birthday month, you get 50% off one item at the Kendra Scott store. I had a super hard time choosing between this necklace and the Lexi earrings.  I needed a necklace to go with my pink Alex earrings so I bought this. I will have to budget for the Lexi earrings (plus, I didn't know what color I would have gotten).

Hid inside my Mom's closet, away from the "monsters" with my niece.  I was babysitting my niece when all the sudden she said, "Quick.  Hide in the closet, monsters are coming".  She grabbed her babies and ran.  I was halfway amused, halfway confused and 1% like, "Kids are more intuitive and can see things that are coming,  better go hide".  She wouldn't let me talk and kept shhhing me.

Called this number. :)  Seriously.  Call it.

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