Sunday, June 4, 2017

Cupping Session

I have wanted to try Cupping since I heard about GOOP’s weird markings on the red carpet.  Bucket list item.  I was browsing Groupon and I found one for Marshall Back and Body Wellness Center.  Sold.

I went at my scheduled time and was back in the massage room almost immediately after turning in my patient paperwork.  I stripped down and laid on the massage chair.  (Pro tip:  Don’t worry mascara!)

The woman who did my cupping was a chiropractor!  I was expecting just an assistant, but she was an actual licensed chiropractor.  She gave me a short massage to loosen up my back and get the blood pumping, and then she explained the cupping procedure.  She heated up the glass cups and placed them on my back.  At first there was a slight stinging sensation, but that went away fairly quickly.  I stayed on the table for about 10-15 minutes just letting the cups do their thing.  After a few minutes, you don’t even notice them anymore.

She came back in and took them off of me and I got dressed again.  I looked in the mirror while I was getting dressed and was startled for a second!  LOL.  It was cool.

I didn’t feel any different afterwards that I noticed.  I feel like the cups just gave me a bunch of hickies on my back, but I maybe didn’t notice the effects.  Anyway, bucket list item done!

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