Sunday, May 15, 2016

Look at My New Garden

Look at my plants!   Look at my soil! :)

I started a garden!  There was an old garden in the back yard that was run over by weeds but I cleaned it up and made a fun place for veggies to grow.  I am SO EXCITED!!!!  I decided to only plant vegetables that I love so I wouldn’t have waste.   The garden is 8 feet by 4 feet.

Over grown garden before. I got quite a workout cleaning this up and quite a sunburn.
That is a snake and bug paradise!  Not anymore!

I removed all of the weeds...there were A LOT!
Old railroad ties that were removed.
I planted Cucumbers (3), Okra (3), Eggplant (3), Cilantro (2), and Red Pepper (1). 

Then, every garden needs a mascot so I invited these two to live in my vegetable paradise.  These flamingos are Mae and Henry!  Mae has sequins as wings and Henry has glitter.  Beautiful.
New wood and soil!
Last but not least, I got a new hat.  Yes, the purpose of gardening is ONLY to have cute accessories, wouldn’t you agree.

Have a great day!  Eat ‘yo veggies.

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