Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Las Vegas Days 1 and 2

I have wanted to go to Vegas for a while to see Britney Spears in concert at Planet Hollywood.  I have heard that she is retiring and I wanted to go before she did.  In October we saw that she renewed her contract for two more years, but whatever, we saw her!  My friends Clarissa and Amber wanted to see her so we made plans to travel to Vegas to see the show.  We try to do something once a year together and this is what we did!  Clarissa and I went on the cruise (Amber couldn’t go) in May together. 

I made my flight plans for what I thought was Friday morning until Monday afternoon, but it turns out that I did it for Thursday morning instead.  It must have been from when I was checking different dates for pricing and I just didn’t double check the dates.  That’s ok, we got to stay another night in Vegas!!  My plane landed about 10:30 am and I met Clarissa at the rental car terminal.   We got a great deal on a car (Toyota Avalon) because Clarissa still works for the Green Machine and got a discount (all three of us have worked there at one point-I got both of them the jobs.  Amber just left a few weeks ago).We checked into our hotel (New York New York) and took a nap. LOL.    Yep, we took naps in Vegas. Let me tell you, this weekend was fueled by LOTS of Starbucks (and mimosas).
#IloveStarbucks #IcedCoffee

That night we went to dinner at the Hard Rock Café (not worth it) and then went to the Thunder From Down Under Show at Excalibur.  Clarissa had wanted to see it the last time she was in Vegas but didn’t end up seeing it because someone (cough* cough* Krista cough* cough*) had met their quota of seeing sexy stuff in Vegas.  I am not usually a fan of seeing male strippers, honestly.  Clarissa was so excited though and I heard that it was a show and no dollar bills were involved, so I went.   The place was PACKED with women who needed a thrill, I guess.  They did dancing numbers to songs just like in the Magic Mike movies and brought women on the stage to do dances with.  They had women put their hands in their pants and everything.  I was kind of grossed out.  So many germs.  Go wash your hands!  Sorry, that’s not my scene (in public, haha).  I mean, the guys were HOTTTTTTT but I don’t want to touch anyone who I just met and who does that for a living.  No thanks.  Clarissa LOVED it though.  She even got her picture taken with them at the end.  When they would take their  shirts off I was like “Oh, now that is pretty” but I don’t like to be touched in general, much less from Vegas strippers.  I am sure the guys are perfectly wonderful in real life.  I just have never been a fan of going to those kind of shows, but I did have fun.
We could only take pictures during one "act" but there are a few racier photos in my picture page.
The next morning we went to the flamingo habitat at theFlamingo Hotel!!!!!!!!  Yes, it was a bucket list item of course.  When I was in Vegas a few years ago I stopped at the hotel but I didn’t see the flamingos so that was on the top of my list.  There were other birds there in the habitat, not just flamingos but I made a beeline for the flamingos.  So pretty.  Afterwards we went to the gift shop and I got a flamingo wine glass with a lid and a flamingo Christmas ornament for my travel tree collection. 

We went over to the Bellagio to buy tickets to “O” at the box office.  They don’t discount that show like the other Cirque shows so we just bought them in person.  On the way to the ticket area we stopped at the lobby area to take pictures of the beautiful Chihuly art that is on display on the ceiling.  I saw it last time I was there but I loved seeing it again.  So beautiful!!

In the conservatory area there is an art display of flowers and other items.  I don’t know what to call it, it is flower art but I don’t know what they call it.  It’s a great place to bring kids if you need something for them to do (but don’t bring kids to Vegas-have some ALONE time!!).    The theme was a fall time theme with squirrels, raccoons, trees, etc.  It was pretty cool.

I have always wanted to see a Cirque du Solei show (bucket list #2 of the weekend) and the original was not playing that night.  We looked at the reviews of the shows that were playing and “O” seemed to be right up our alley.  They have two shows a night at 7 pm and 9:30 pm, we chose the 7 pm.  We had third row seats since it was the best value.  At the higher level tickets we got a 20% discount because they were a partner hotel with our hotel, New York New York so it was about only $10 higher to sit in nicer seats.

I loved the show.  O is a water themed show with acrobatics, diving, dancing and more.  I don’t even know how to describe it but it was AMAZING!!!!!!  I think any Cirque show would be amazing but I especially loved O.  I didn’t really understand the story (if there was one) but it was still awesome.  They start out with two clowns in about 15 minutes before the show starting and then you see them again throughout the show.  The pool is 1.5 million gallons that has lifts that expand and contract within the different acts of the show.  Read the Wikipedia page for more info on it, it has some cool information.  My favorite parts were the diving, the boat in midair aerial show, and the swinging swing things with more diving and flips.  I know my descriptions are not very good but I don’t know how to describe it and I don’t want to spoil anything.  GO SEE IT!!! ;)

Amber’s plane was arriving at 10:30 pm so we knew we would have time to see the show at 7 pm and still pick her up on time.  Little did we know that we would be late…more on that tomorrow!!

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