Monday, October 10, 2011


Did you know I am running a 1/2 Marathon in December?  Yep, I am!  Check it out!  On Saturday I completed my long run for my ½ marathon training program that I am using.  Distance? 8.69 miles!  That is a new personal distance record for me.  I haven’t been more than 6.2 miles total in one go (See the Toughest 10K Recap for details), and even with that race I did not run the entire time (about 5 miles out of the 6.2).  These 8 miles seemed daunting, but I knew if I put my mind to it, it could happen!

Before I left the house I hit up some almond butter on a piece of bread, and also an apple.  Yummy breakfast!  I got to the park about 10:30 am (my plan was to be there around 6:30 or 7 am-I need sleep!) and did some light stretches before hitting the trail.

Miles 1-3-I ran three laps on the trail (3 miles) and around mile 2.5 I stopped to use the restroom and fill up my water bottle.

Mile 4-I decided to walk this lap to give myself a break.  I finished this lap and ate some Sports Beans (watermelon) to give me more some more fuel for my next 4 miles.

Mile 5-Hit the open road! It had started to lightly drizzle as I was jogging out of the park so I was a mixture of sweaty/rain on when I got to the road and I am sure the passer-byers thought I was crazy.  I headed in the general direction of the main part of Friendswood, and decided to jog down a little road that I thought was a neighborhood, but it turns out it’s a loop that leads to a nature center by a creek.  About this time the Sports Beans kicked in.

Mile 6-Nature center trail and back up to the loop.  Ran over a mini bridge into a large neighborhood.  At this point I had no idea where I was and it started to rain.  Hard.  It felt good!  The rain was cold and I was tired. 

Mile 7-Figured out where I was!  I was by my favorite coffee shop and really wanted to stop and get a pumpkin iced latte and a pumpkin muffin but I was strong and didn’t get one (I actually didn’t have any money with me and I can’t bring myself to eat anything for a while after I run anyway).

Mile 8-Almost done!  I ran down 518 to 2351 and set my sites on the last leg of my journey.  I kept my mantra of “I am strong” and “I will be a ½ marathoner.”  I also kept chanting, “just over the bridge,” and I can see the park (where my car was parked). 

Finally back at the park I stretched my legs for a bit before getting in my car.  Ouch, my knees were hurting so bad.  I got into my car and drove to the convenience store to get two 5 lbs of ice and a Gatorade. 

I went home, plugged the tub and added cold water to fill just enough to reach past my hips.  I added the ice to the tub and stuck a foot in.

HOLY COW!  IT WAS FREEZING!  Grr, one more foot….not any better.  Bent down, added my knees to the cold water and yelped a small scream.  Then I decided to just go for it and sat down.  IT. WAS. SO. COLD.  I stayed in for about 10-12 minutes and got out.

Ice baths are supposed to help with the recovery process for your joints and muscles.  The rest of the day my knees were really hurting so I decided to stay in for the night and not go anywhere.  The next day my legs were 100% back to normal, but I have a feeling that without my freakin’ freezin’ ice bath I would not have been able to recover so quickly.

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