Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Susan G. Komen 5K

October 1st was the Susan G. Komen Houston 5K for breast cancer.  This is my 2nd year of doing this race and it’s one of my favorites.  Last year I walked the race with some of my friends, but this year I ran it and beat my best 5K time. 

I didn’t get to take any pictures though.  Sorry!  Usually I am a picture freak, but today I just wasn’t feeling it.

My work offered to take the donation ($50) out of two paychecks in October so I signed up through them.  We got our entry fee and a tech shirt for participating plus our t-shirt from the walk.  2 shirts + entry fee + fastest time yet= Happy race!!!

I met some people from work by the big library downtown and we took a group picture.  While there I met some great people from other regions of Houston and made new friends!  My new Ashley and I decided to run the race together.  She originally did the non competitive race, but I told her that if we stuck together we could do the competitive one and she could use my timing chip if we cross the finish line together.  I didn’t want to run ‘competitively’ I just wanted my actual chip time…I knew I would not have beaten the 20 minute people!  One day I will though!

We headed to the start line and got there a few minutes before the start of the race.  So many people were there and we couldn’t get to the front of the line so we had to go with the non competitive group.  It didn’t really matter though with my timing chip no matter when we started or finished, it would still capture my time.

The race was great!  I didn’t stop at all, and Ashley kept me motivated to finish.  Sometimes she wanted to stop, but I kept telling her to keep going. I didn’t want to slow anyone down.  We finished at 35:32…my fastest time yet!  At the finish line they were handing out water, bananas, and apples…I got all three!  I needed a bag to put it all in so we headed to the free stuff area.

We got in a long line and made our way to the tents.  JCPenny’s and Jockey were handing out free aloe cool t-shirts, a backpack/grocery bag, and a free pair of panties!  I remember them handing out panties last year and they are my favorite pair so I made sure to beeline it to that tent.  Score!

Bank of America had a tent that had a wheel that you spin to win either sunglasses, a wrist sweat band, a headband, or a pompom.  I wanted the wrist sweat band and that’s what I got!!!!  I wish I would have gotten two, but I will take the free one!

Afterwards we were going to go out to lunch, but my mom called and wanted to go shopping so I said goodbye to my new friend Ashley and headed over there.

Chances are someone you know will be stricken with breast cancer, please help by donating to the cause and also make sure to do a self breast exam regularly.  To donate to the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure for breast cancer research go to www.Komen-Houston.org

See ya at next years race!

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