Thursday, September 8, 2011

We Run these Streets

Last Thursday night my friend Hector and I drove up to Nacogdoches, TX to visit Driving Jacks What is Driving Jacks you ask?   Well, Driving Jacks is a non profit designated driver program that is FREE to all students and Stephen F. Austin State University and also anyone that lives in Nacogdoches (or visiting).  Driving Jacks runs completely on donations and sponsorships so students can focus on getting home safely.  Read the Driving Jacks mission here or learn how you or your company can sponsor Driving Jacks here.

I actually helped start Driving Jacks when I attended SFA.  I was in Student Government and they made an announcement about wanting to start a designated driver program at SFA like at Texas A & M (their program is calling C.A.R.P.O.O.L.). 

On January 25th, 2007 Driving Jacks gave their first ride and to date has given over 11,000 rides!!!!!   Hector and I were both Presidents of Driving Jacks at one time so we went to surprise all the members.  It was super fun!

Since I left in 2007 Driving Jacks has had two offices, this one being the biggest and best yet!  I was so jealous of the room (we originally got a little desk and a corner of a lounge area…that was before they realized how COOL we really are). Now Driving Jacks has some sweet diggs.

I was running late (as always) and Hector stopped at Walmart to pick out a gift for them.  I believe it was a game and some lime green colored items for parties (forks, cups, table cloths-all Driving Jacks become OBSESSED with lime green by the end of the semester).

These are all of the trophies Driving Jacks has won over the 4 ½ years it has been operating.  I think they have gotten organization of the year 4 years in a row!!  There is also a picture of Amy Shields and her favorite poem (Amy Shields was one of the founding members that got killed by a drunk driver the fall semester of her senior year.  Amy never got to see Driving Jacks in operations, but her parents come to events throughout the year-for more of the Amy Shields story go here).

These are my favorite promotional item I saw that night!  Bumber ribbon magnets!!!!!!!!!!  I have now attached one ot my car!  The inside of the ribbon is a magnet for your refridgerator.  I just love these things.

This is me and Hector with our friends Britney (current President) and Garrett (VP).

Pic of the some of the faithful Driving Jacks that were working on the first night of the semester (Driving Jacks operates on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights from 10 pm to 3 am during the semester only)

Me and Brittney! Past and current Presidents-ladies represent!

Hector and Brittney

Me and Hector posing

Miss you SFA!! 

Driving Jacks is a great program that is very rewarding to be a part of.  For more information about bring a program like Driving Jacks to your school or town go to

Remember, Driving Jacks only runs on donations so if you have some change to spare-DONATE!! J


  1. where can i get one of the ribbon magnets?

    1. Contact the Driving Jacks email at and they might have some at the office.