Thursday, September 22, 2011

Running for Cupcakes

At work one of the guys were talking about this new cupcake store that opened in Friendswood called Rise Cupcakes, so I decided to check them out.  Since my race on Saturday I have not run at all this week, (Lazy, Lazy, Lazy Stephanie) so I decided that I was going to run to it last night. 

I thought the cupcake store was about 2 miles from my house, so it would be about a 4 mile total run.  I. Was. Wrong.  It is a 2.72 mile run ONE WAY!  That would be 5.44 miles total. YIKES! Obviously I know that I can run 6.2 miles without stopping so this should have been a problem, but it was.  Between my house and the road 2351 there is about .1 miles of sidewalk, and the rest is unpacked and uneven grass, brides (where you have to cross WITH the traffic-scary!), ferocious dogs, and cars!  Oh the cars!  Sometimes the weeds were to thick so I would have to cross the street so I could continue on.  Lots of criss crossing and waiting for cars to clear so I could cross.

Finally, after 2.72 miles I got to Rise Cupcakes!  The store is beautiful and very chic.  The staff was very friendly, especially since I walked in dripping of sweat and huffing and puffing.  They thought it was funny that I actually ran there, they said most people just joke about it but I actually did it.  They closed in about 15 minutes so I had to be sure and get my cupcake.

I really didn’t feel much like eating (I usually don’t after running) but I was determined to eat my freakin’ cupcake! I earned it.  They only had 3 flavors left since they ran out of all the other ones, so I had Vanilla.   Check out the menu from their website, it has all of the great flavors.

I wanted to eat my cupcake there (since I couldn’t take it with me) they put it on a really cute plate and I sat down to eat it with my water bottle.   I only ate a few bites before I couldn’t eat any more.  It was good, but I can’t really eat right after my run but I ate about ¼ of it (plus icing!) before I stopped.  Next time I will have to go without being tired from running.  I actually think we are going to go at lunch time today!

Everyone needs to visit Rise Cupcakes in Friendswood, I met one of the owner’s last night and she was super sweet.  Go check them out!

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