Wednesday, October 18, 2017

MK Museum Tour

On my final day in Dallas I decided to go to the Mary Kay Museum inside the headquarters.  I had tried to go when I was in Dallas last time and a few other times before that, but it just never happened or they were closed.  This time=Success!

The museum is open during regular business hours and I heard there was a cafeteria you could eat at, so I decided go right before lunch.  You walk in from the visitors parking and you see this graphic on the wall.  What a great thing to see first hand!

The museum is on the first floor and you walk in to a beautiful portrait of Mary Kay and her son, Richard Rogers. 

There are all types of articles in frames, old products on display, even pictures of when records were broken.  There is a National Sales Director (highest level) gallery with all of their portraits.  Outside there is a "Wall of Leaders" with each sales directors name on a brick that creates a wall.  I didn't go out there but I got the general idea from the door. ;)

I went to lunch in the cafeteria and said bye to two ladies that I had met while in the museum.  They said that they were going on a tour of Mary Kay's office and I so wanted to go too.  The security guard said I could come along if I wanted to off we went!! 

Mary Kay's office was/is on the 13th floor, her lucky/favorite number.  She died in 2001 and they left it exactly like it was when she was last in there.  I may or may not have opened a desk drawer and peeked in side.  OK, so I did (with permission)!  Inside the drawers were her actual things like files, notes from consultants, nick names, etc.  In the curio cabinets are tons of porcelain items.  The tour guide pointed out that Mary Kay  thought one of them was too pale, so she added makeup too it. I didn't get a picture of that though. Next time. :)

I got to hold her feather pen too!

She had a round couch and a two way desk so she was always equal to that person, not above them.  She wanted everyone to feel included at all times.  The chandelier is so pretty in person and the bird was a gift from her husband, Mel Ash.

They even let us peak in her bathroom.  Her old cosmetics were just sitting on the vanity, waiting to be used.  They were formulas and bottles from way back before 2001 and the tour guide said they were her actual ones.  Pretty cool.

She left no detail out.  Even her bathroom wallpaper had little bees and MK's on it.  Sorry for the bad picture!  You know you're super fancy when you have custom wallpaper.

I had to get one last selfie before I left. I'm so glad that I was able to tour the museum and her office.I didn't feel rushed at all and could truly take in all that I was seeing without anyone keeping time.  Just seeing all the old memorabilia, I could get a feel of the impact she had on many generations.

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