Thursday, October 19, 2017

Amber's Wedding

This weekend was an eventful weekend in Dallas!  True story, I hardly took any pictures of this wedding.  It's hard when you are wearing a dress and don't have your purse.

I drove up on Friday afternoon and met everyone (bridal party) at a local restaurant for dinner. We got our bouquets and a cute bridesmaid makeup bag filled with goodies.

The guys went out for the bachelor party, but we all just went home. I suggested a sleepover, but Amber was too tired and had a lot of wedding stuff to do.  Funny story:  After she turned down our pre-wedding bridesmaid sleepover, she said "maybe tomorrow night" but we all (including David, the groom) looked at her like she was crazy because that would be her wedding night. She was like "oh yeah".  Really?  LOL.

The next morning we were up bright and early.  Clarissa was in charge of making the cake and I was to help decorations at the park.  Let me back up:  So Amber's dad was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer so they moved the wedding up from December to October (there may be a 2nd wedding that is bigger in December) so her dad could walk her down the aisle.  At the time she told us, she wasn't sure where she wanted the wedding to be so I started looking at local parks to suggest because her mind was elsewhere.  I found Samuell Farm in Forney, TX that is about 10 minutes from her dad's house and it would be an easy drive for him. Amber loved the idea because she used to go there as a kid all the time.

I got to the park about 8:30 AM and we hunted for the perfect location for the ceremony.  She had three locations in mind and she narrowed it down to one under a beautiful tree.  The only problem was that she wanted lights wrapped around the tree but there was no power source.  We located a power source but it was faaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrr from the tree.  Long story short, we spent 4 hours wrapping the tree and more time hunting for extension cords to light up the tree.  But it was zero hour and we still could not find enough power cords and were about 50 feet short.  No lights.  Sigh.  I mean, I got ant bites from that friggin' tree everywhere for nothing!  The picture above was just of the lights but we also added tulle around them so it was a softer look.  No pictures though, darn it.

The wedding turned out awesome, the bride was beautiful and the groom was handsome in his military uniform.  The ceremony was short and sweet so we headed to a local mexican restaurant for dinner.

Clarissa made the cake and the rest of the bridesmaids helped add the flowers.  Amber really liked a cake that was similar to this one so Clarissa made it with flowers we could find locally..

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