Sunday, February 5, 2017

How I Choose Which Sports Team To Root For

So, the Super Bowl is today...who are you going to root for?  I put $10 in a Super Bowl square pot so that is the only reason I will be watching (and maybe for the commercials).  It is in Houston this year, which I am excited about.  I tried and tried and tried to find someone who wants to bring me as their distinguished guest, but no takers.  Tickets are really expensive and I am saving for a house, so I decided to be an adult about things and not pay $4K for a ticket.  #adulting

Back on subject:  I have always had a plan on how I choose who I am rooting for in any type of sport team situation.  I have outlined it below for anyone who needs help choosing a team.  You're welcome. LOL.

Family-This RARELY happens (as in never) but I do want to leave it out just in case my family ever plays a pro sport. For now, the teams that fall in this category are all considered Little League teams, but it could happen one day.  I could marry a pro-ball player. :)  That means you, JJ WATT.

SFASU Teams-I won't bet against SFA teams.  Sorry, it won't happen even if I know we are going to lose (i.e. football).  Exception: if for some crazy reason my nephews or my niece decide to go to rival college, I will still root for SFA but I will wear a pin or something to signify that I am rooting for that one person.  I am not willing to do this for another family member. #truestory

Houston Teams-As a person who has lived in the Houston area for the majority of my life (besides 2 years in Philadelphia and 3 years in Nacogdoches), I will always root for any Houston team. H-Town is in my blood. I don't care if I move far away, Texas will be my team.

Texas Teams-I love me some Texas.  Everything is bigger in Texas and that includes our sports teams.  I have to support my Tejas.

Southern Teams-We just seem to breathe a different air down here.  IDK.  They are just closer to home.

USA-Because, USA!  USA!  USA!

And if there are no other teams that fit any of the criteria above, I will go with:

Best Colors of Uniforms-I am partial to purple and pink but those are rare in sports teams.  I choose based on the best color combinations

So...which team am I rooting on for the 2017 Superbowl? The Atlanta Falcons because they fit in the "southern" category.  Honestly, I don't care who wins but I have to pick one of them.   I might be a rebel and wear a Texans shirt though.

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