Friday, February 3, 2017

What I've Been Up to Vol. 14

Dog sat for my Aunt while they were in Honduras.  He was really annoying me at first because he kept following me and peeing on the floor but by the end of the week, he grew on me. You actually can't help but love him because he is a special needs dog.  He was dropped on his head when he was a baby (seriously) and he can't hear, his tongue sticks out of his mouth permanently, he runs sideways, and doesn't understand things because of his brain being messed up.  He's too cute not to love (unless he just pee'd somewhere). 

Watched Hector complete his first marathon!  I have a video of him walking backwards down the steps and an old man having to help him.  Too funny.  Go Hector!

Took my niece to get a mani and pedi in the pedicure chair.  She enjoyed her spa day.

Celebrated the next 4 years with a new President!

Took my niece to Old McDonald's Farm to hang out with all of the animals.  The horse ride was her favorite.

 Got some new jewelry at Sam Moon!  I had a hard time between this design and a cactus design.  I choose this one after much internal debate.

Found this cup at Charming Charlie.  I am thinking about making it into a t-shirt.

Volunteered for Rodeo Houston's Special Children's Committee at the Top Hands Horse Show.  This is my 4th year on the committee and I still love it! 

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