Friday, February 12, 2016

What I've Been Up to Lately Vol. 10

I'm not really sure what # this is, but we'll just pretend it's #10.  I have written several blog posts so you will see them over the next few days! :)

Here we go:

Turned in some Buddy Bucks at HEB
Because we are in the Terrible 2's and throw tantrums when we can't get Buddy Bucks when we see the machine.  

Had my Wonton Soup stolen
Thieves are still thieves even when they are super cute.  

Went to a Rocket’s Game 
They won!

Found out it was time.  I didn't find out who they were talking about though. :)

Had a Mary Kay party with a really cute helper

Received my 2016 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo badge
Special Children's Committee!

Hung out with Cinderella

Blew up a Volcano

With this mad scientist
I love the goggles on him!  His hair was super wild when he took them off.  He had put them on his head (like a mad scientist) while his hair was wet.  

Fell in love with this little camper!  
I haven't seen a camper you can pull with your car!  #roadtrip

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