Sunday, February 14, 2016

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner

Last week my friend from work, Delia, asked me if I wanted to go with her to Newk’s Eatery since it was now open for business.  I had tried Newk’s in Nacodoches and loved it (they were also a sponsor of the 2014 Driving Jacks Color Run 5K) so I already knew it would be good.

We got there and it was actually their “soft opening” where they were giving out free food to everyone to train their staff.  Score!  Delia and I both got the same thing and both agreed it was wonderful: Half Italian sandwich and half Crab and Lobster Bisque.  As we were leaving they told us that the first 50 people on Monday to show up will get free Newk’s for a Year!!!  Delia and I immediately went back to work and made a calendar appointment to take an early lunch on Monday. :)

When Monday rolled around Delia was sick and went home early. I could either not go or go by myself, iI chose to go by myself  because I had a work errand I needed to make anyway. I was planning on doing a drive by to see if there was a line, but there wasn’t so I got out of my car.  I got there about 10:03 am and was #50!!!  It was cold outside (Cold by Houston’s standards) so you could put your name down and then go back to sit in the car, so that is why there wasn’t a line.  Isn’t that AMAZING???!!!  God knew exactly what time I needed to leave the office to make it there on time.  God is good.

I got my food (pizza this time) and sat down.  Another winner had started talking to me so I moved to his table and talked to him.  His name was Steve and he said that he had heard about it through the paper and lived close enough that he would try and make it.  He got there at 8:15 am and he was 20 something in line.  I can’t believe that people got there that early!  Here I was just planning on being there around 10 am but everyone else had gotten there a lot earlier than me. It was a total God thing, I believe.

In the little black box you got a pair of sunglasses, a koozie, and a pen plus 52 vouchers for $10 in an entrée credit.  So fun!! I do not need to hoard them all!  You are allowed to share since they don’t have your name on them or anything. I gave one to Delia since she was sick and one to two of my co-workers so we can have a team lunch. 

So, THANK YOU NEWK’S EATERY for having this amazing opportunity for your fans!!!  I loved it before and loved it even more now because of my free food! Ha!

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