Monday, February 15, 2016

So this happened

A few weeks ago I had my car broken into while eating at Max’s Wine Dive in the Montrose area.  I had parked on the street behind the building because I am too cheap to pay for valet. Haha. :)  Big mistake though because they smashed my back window in because they are assholes.

I walked to my car to find stuff in the driver’s seat and thought it was weird.  It took me a minute to realize that I didn’t leave anything in my seat (never do) so why would it be there?  Then I looked all around my car but didn’t see the smashed window until I walked to the other side (it was dark and my windows are tinted).  My entire window was on the ground.  It had been smashed but the tinting made it stay in one piece when they pulled it out.  They unlocked the front passenger door and rummaged inside.  Everything was out of console and glove box was strewn about the car, making my car look even messier.

My car is usually a mess inside because honestly 1.  I am just a messy person (stuff not trash) and 2.  I travel a lot.  I live on the East side of Houston, I work on the West side of Houston and I am in both the South side and North side of Houston frequently (North side more though).  I am always traveling to babysit for my niece or going out with friends so I leave a lot of stuff in my car because I need it and it isn’t always easy to go home to pick something up.

I know I need to put everything in the trunk but that’s messy too. LOL.  My trunk has my emergency car kit, my 72 hour bag, and a lawn chair.  I really just need to organize it and I am working on it this weekend. 

What did they take?  My (new) gym bag with my $200 running shoes, my favorite sports bra, workout clothes, and some of my favorite jewelry:  TWO pairs of Kendra Scott earrings plus this awesome beaded disco type necklace that I got so many compliments on (see this link for picture).  Sad day. :/

They also took a beautiful purple snake skin type leather bag that I got at a silent auction (I bid on it JUST for the bag) that had some papers and a Beth Moore bible study.  There were some Mary Kay cd’s in there too.  Just to make light of the situation (because you have to in dark days) I said “Well, they are either going to learn about Mary Kay from the cd’s or Jesus from the Bible, either way they are getting something great out of it”.  LOL.  God knows who will pick up that Bible study, either they will or someone else will when they discard of it.  

Luckily my friend who had gone out to eat with me had not driven too far when I got to my car had stayed with me while I called the cops.  The cops never came and couldn’t give an ETA as to when they would be coming so we just cancelled the call after about an hour of waiting.   They didn’t take anything of too much value so I didn’t file a police report.  I didn’t have electronics or anything in there, just some of my favorite things.  While we were waiting for the police we saw another car drive off with its window smashed too.  I guess the losers got multiple cars that night.

The next day I went to get my window fixed.  It cost about $90 plus about $25 for the window tinting.  I got it fixed at Uni Glass which was wonderful to work with!  I highly recommend them.

So moral of the story:  1. Thieves are assholes who need to get real jobs and contribute something to society.  2. I learned to not keep anything in my car.  3.  Don’t go back to Max’s Wine Dive even though it was a good place to eat.  I don’t want to take another chance of something happening because the area isn’t very safe.

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