Saturday, February 13, 2016

ChallengeBox Subscription Box

I have heard of subscription boxes for a while but never really looked into it.  Apparently there is an entire industry of subscription box companies just waiting to take your money monthly.   Interested in golf?  No problem.  Clothes?  Gotcha covered.  Kids crafts? Easy.

I decided I wanted a fitness related box so I searched various ones.  I found one called ChallengeBox that goes along with your FitBit (but it doesn’t have to if you don’t have one).  I signed up and my first box arrived this week!!

They give you a challenge each month and if you hit it that month you will then get an extra item in your box.

I LOVED that they included a hand written note inside my box.  It gave it a personalized touch!
Here is what was inside for February 2016.  

They list things out for you to know what it is. I  think there is a typo on the #1 it is resistance bands instead of resistance balls but I figured it out. ;)

My workout t-shirt was 3 sizes too big.  Usually women’s workout shirts run small so I put down a size that was waaaaaay to big apparently.  That’s OK. I will know for next time and can just donate this shirt.

Saffron Road Lentil Chips, cucumber dill flavor.  I am excited to try these! I haven’t opened them yet but I will soon. 

Stress Relief ball with spikes.  I love rolling these things on my foot after I have worked out.  You can roll them all over your body but I would recommend having a layer of clothes in between because the spikes are hard!

RX Bar Protein Bar, Chocolate Sea Salt flavor.  I really am not a protein bar person so I will just send these in the car package for the troops that I am sending out this week.

Nuun, Grapefruit flavor-I love Nuun but hate grapefruit flavored ANYTHING.  I won’t be using this either.  To the troops it goes!

Oatmega Protein Bar-see above for my dislike of protein bars.  But I will send it on.

Resistance bands in light, medium and heavy resistance levels. These are pretty cool.  I have one resistance band at home but I never use it and I didn’t know they came in different resistance levels.

All in all the box was just OK.  It had some great stuff in it but the stuff just wasn’t for me. I am giving four out of 7 things away (one being my fault because of sizing) so I am not sure $25 is worth some chips, resistance bands and a stress ball.  I might give it one more try next month.

I also didn't like how they do not have a referral program (as far as I could find on the website) that gives you either free stuff or discounts on your next box. 

What about you?  Do you have any subscription box suggestions for me?

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