Thursday, February 27, 2014

Space Center Houston

Last Friday I went to Space Center Houston with my friend Trish and her son, Trey.  

They are down from Washington to attend cancer treatments at MD Anderson.  Tre has a form of cancer in his muscles that he had when he was a toddler and they just found out it came back again.  He is having surgery on Friday, so please pray for him!

To get their mind off of the surgery, we went to Space Center Houston and Kemah for the afternoon.  I have been to Nasa multiple times, but they have never gone.  We got there late and only had time to do the tour and walk around for a bit.  The tram tour is interesting and you make three stops.  One is the actual mission control used when the USA first went to the moon.  Can you believe that the first computer was the size of a huge room (think bigger than an average size bedroom) and only had enough memory to power a cell phone ringtone?  Not a cell phone, but the ringtone on your cell phone.  Crazy!

At this stop, they also mentioned that even though we aren't currently sending anyone to space or the moon, they are working on a manned mission to Mars.  It takes us about 3 days to get to the Moon, but it will take about 6 months to get to Mars!  Crazy!

The next stop was a huge building where they practice in-flight situations and new features.  I thought I got a picture, but there is even a Ironman like robot that is so precise, he can type perfectly on an iPhone keyboard!  I can't even do that. :/

The final stop was a warehouse where an actual rocket was housed in a mini museum. 

Can you tell how big it is?  No?  Well look at this one and see the people on the left. Now can you tell?  It's huge!

After the tour, we went to the main building to walk around.  There is a part where there are special articifacts that were taken to space.  Here is a chess set that was used to play "Earth vs. Space" against a set of championship
 winning third graders...Earth and the third graders won! :)

This is a pair of shoes that was taken on board a ship, and to date the other shoe has never been found!  What?  An alien has his shoe!  Maybe the shoe is part of an alien collection like Ariel in the Little Mermaid?

Just before we left we went to the gift shop and I saw this cute shirt!  It made me think of the Big Bang Theory.  Too Cute.

We had a fun time at the Space Center and afterwards we went to Kemah for dinner on the Boardwalk.  We ate at Landry's and it was WONDERFUL!!!  So yummy.  I had their Habanero Margarita and it was sooooo good, check it out!

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