Sunday, February 16, 2014

2 moms and 2 single ladies take on Nac

A few weekends ago I traveled to Nacogdoches to meet some friends for a fun night and also work on some Driving Jacks 5K stuff.  I hadn't seen some of my best friends in so long, I needed a friends weekend!

I got to Nacogdoches right at 11 am with the worst headache!  I stopped at CVS to purchase some migraine medicine and then headed to the DJ office to meet with some 5K committee members.  After our meeting we headed to Cotton Patch (which I LOVE!!!) for lunch. I try to go to CP every time I travel to Nac, but it doesn't always happen.  I love me some Cotton Patch.

Krista and Clarissa were traveling from Beaumont and Dallas and I met them at the hotel we stayed at.  After we got dressed to go out, we headed over to Brittany's house to make some thank you cards for people/companies that donated to the Driving Jacks 5K and raffle.  We headed to dinner at Casa Tomas and we had so much fun!  We talked and talked.  I missed my girls!  All three of those ladies were friends from my Driving Jacks days, Driving Jacks honestly is were 80% of my best friends came from. :)

After dinner we headed to the Driving Jacks office to hang out with the members that were working that night.  We played games with them and just talked about the olden days.  We had meant to pep them up for the 5K and raffle sales, but I think we sort of preached and 'mom-ed' them instead of giving a pep rally. OOPS!  It's just that all of us were Presidents and Vice Presidents of the organization at one time, and we care so much about it. We just wanted to instill that passion in them too.  Later that night though, when we were dropped off, the people who took us home said it was a good talk and they glad they heard it, so I didn't feel too bad. :)

We went out to a local bar after that and then crashed a fraternity party (Theta Chi) after the bar closed.  Before we went out, we were all saying that we didn't think we would make it past midnight, but here we were closing down a bar! LOL.  We drove around and found a fraternity house that had beer and we just hung out there and made friends.  Clarissa and Brittany played beer pong, but Krista and I just hung out and talked to some guy who was in the military.

After a while I was feeling light headed (I hadn't felt very well for a few days prior, hence the head ache earlier) so I headed to my car while they finished their partying.  They came to check on me to make sure I didn't want to leave, but I didn't want them to not have fun.  I was fine in my car, just playing with my phone.  I'm a weirdo! LOL.

About 2:30 I called Driving Jacks to have them pick us up since we had all been driving.    They close at 3 am, so I wanted to be sure they would pick us up.  They got there around 2:45 am and we headed out.  The entire time we were talking to the members (they new who we were since they met us earlier) and telling old stories.  I'm always glad when I can hang out with other DJ members and alumni, just seeing Amy's vision come to life.

The entire time we were there we were using hash tag speak #twomomsandtwosingleladiestakeonNac and #toooldforthis.  We thought we would be home and in bed by midnight, but we made it to 4 am!  What is up with that?  Who am I?  That NEVER happens!

The next morning we went to our continental breakfast and then lunch before heading home.  I had so much fun and I really needed to see my friends.  I miss them so much!

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