Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Snowmen and Caterpillars

I got to babysit this cutie the other day while my sister ran some errands.

We spent the day making tons of play-doh figures including snowmen and looooooong caterpillars.  He would come up with a figurine to make and I was 'forced' to make them.  We even made a dragon, but I am not sure you can tell it is a dragon, can you?
Maybe?  I never said I was an artist! :)

The rest of the day we spent playing outside and taking walks.  Cole loves to race and I did a lot of running while I was over there.  I thought it would wear him out to where he would fall asleep, but NOOOOO.  Of course not. LOL.

I got a snack from my car and he stole it from me, apparently he loves Nutella.  After eating all of it, he took a bath; I think he got more on him than he did in his mouth.

My sister got home just as my Mom came to pick him up for the night.  We had tons of fun and the next morning Cole's words were "Where's Aunt Steppy" as soon as he woke up! :)

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