Thursday, February 7, 2013

Visiting Jeremiah

My nephew Jeremiah had surgery on Tuesday at Texas Children’s Hospital to remove his G-Button from his stomach.  I couldn’t go on Tuesday night so I went last night to visit them. Two years ago Jeremiah was born with his esophagus not attached to his stomach; he has had several surgeries since that time.  If he is able to eat solid food today and everything is in working order, he will be able to go home today.  Fingers crossed!

I am not a technical person, my sister Bridgette would be the person who would explain all the tell you all that, but I know his G-Button was how he ate food.  He could eat regular food but sometimes he vomits it back up.  Like I said, not technical person! 

Anyway, he has his G-Button removed and I went up to Texas Children’s to visit him after work.  Bridgette and I ate Chiptole (yum!) while the baby played.  After dinner the radio station in the hospital, Radio Lollipop, came in gave us a craft to do.  Apparently each night volunteers come down to each floor and hand out a craft for the kids to do, but since Jeremiah is so young, we did the craft for him.  You can get in the drawing each night if you complete the craft (Bridgette texted me later and said that they won!).

The snake before….

The snake after….isn’t it awesome!

When I left for the night I went up the 16th floor to see what this Radio Lollipop was all about.  Radio Lollipop plays pop songs all the time and you can call in and request a song to be played.  If you are a superstar (or anyone) you can actually be a guest on the program! :)  When I walked in there were tons of kids in the studio hanging out and in the other room there were more crafts for the kids to do.  It was awesome!  I didn’t  take a tour of the studio, but maybe next time I will.  My old church usually provides dinner in April at Ronald McDonald so when we volunteer again I will go take pictures.

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