Wednesday, February 6, 2013

6 year anniversary

On the 25th of January Driving Jacks had their 6th Anniversary.  The entire day I thought I was forgetting something, but I couldn’t remember what it was.  Once I logged into FB I realized that I had forgotten to wish them a Happy Anniversary.  Oh, what a bad former President I am!

 For those of you who don’t know what Driving Jacks is, it’s a free designated driver program in Nacogdoches, TX that gives rides on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights from 10 pm to 3 am.  When I was in college I helped to get the program off the ground and start operating.  

Picture time!!! I wanted to share some of the pictures I have of that year with all of you.  Let's all take a walk down memory lane shall we?.  Oh and you will see my hair change colors several times during my college years. :)

Carwash #1.  In order to raise money for the non-profit application fee ($800) we had to raise money via carwashes and chocolate sales.  Let me tell you, My children will NEVER sell chocolate bars.  Ever.  Long story, but we had to sell over 2,000 chocolate bars.  We did it in a few months, but to this day, 6 years later, every time I see the World's Finest Chocolate Bars I get a little queasy.  I wish I was kidding.  (For more pics go here)

Non-Proft Mailing Ceremony-Finally, after two years of working on the application we completed it (and raised the $$) and were ready to mail it off.  Me, being the party planner that I am, decided we needed to have a party after the post office closed to celebrate us mailing it off.  We had cupcakes, hats, blowers, everything!  I can only imagine what the post office was thinking when they looked at the surveillance tape the next day. haha.  (For more pics go here)

C.A.R.P.O.O.L. Visit-Me, Krista, and Jonathan decided to take a trip to College Station for a visit with Texas A &M's program called CARPOOL.  We got to hang out with the Aggies for a night, watch the operations and even had a mock ride.  They were fabulous hosts. :) (For more pics go here)

First Night of Operations-Finally the day had arrived for our first night of operations.  Right before Thanksgiving break we had our last meeting of the semester.  We had been in talks about raising $30,000 first and then start operations, but God had an even bigger plan for Driving Jacks.  Someone (I think Bodin?) said "Why don't we just run until we run out of money?" We all looked at each other across the table and decided to go for it.  We picked a date and made it public.  Finally, after two and  a half years of planning, it was finally coming together.  We got the phone number (936-652-6600) and we were good to go.

Again, me being the planner I am, we got a cake and hats for the party and invited everyone. 

First semester DJ members!  Some are not present in this photo because we needed them to work the other nights of the weekend.  We only had about 20 members that first semester though (now I think they have over 100).

Amy's best friend Amanda (go to DJ's website to find out more info on the story of Amy and Driving Jacks) took the first call for us in honor of Amy.  Here is a secret:  We were really worried that no one would call us so we set up 'backup' riders in case no one called.  LOL.  However, we were really busy with our one car that we didn't need backup riders. :)  This picture is of Matt and Krista heading out to pick up the first ride.  Yes, our first car for was a pimpin' Dodge Magnum.

  While they were doing the driving, our other members were our Shields.  Shields are what we call the other members who go out to parties and bars (who aren't allowed to drink at them) and advertise that Driving Jacks is operating that night.  These are some Shields who we had just told them that we got our first call, hence the "1" hand symbol.  (For more pics go here)

  Carwash #2-To raise more money for operations we had another carwash that spring.  I don't remember why we posed like this???(For more pics go here)

 Organization of the Year-At the end of the semester we had a leadership banquet for all of the organizations on campus.  I remember getting there and being handed my name badge and being told I had an assigned seat at the front (looking back on it, that was weird!).  We had applied for Organization of the Year so when that category came up we were on pins and needles when they were announcing the award.  They did a slide show announcing each nominee and I thought it was in alphabetical order, so when they skipped over our name I thought we weren't nominated (not everyone who applies is nominated).  Totally bummed.  Then they did get to our slide and all hope was not lost!  Finally, they announced the winners 'stats', how many hours of community service they did, and a few other ones I don't remember, but then they said something about designated driving and I knew we got it.  I went up and accepted the award, crying the entire time.  I was so excited that other leaders thought that Driving Jacks deserved and award.  Being on campus for one year and being in operations for 1 semester we got Organization of the Year.  It was an awesome night. (For more pics go here)

I am amazed at how much Driving Jacks has grown.  I am in awe of what they have accomplished in 6 short years and I am so blessed to have been a part of it as a member, and even more so blessed to be a former President. When we were in that tiny corner of an old building taking phone calls I don't know if I could have imagined them being what they are today.  I could not be more proud. Every member has made it to what it is today.

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