Monday, September 4, 2017

Garden Update

So, I had to kill my garden yesterday.  Well, my garden technically was dead but I buried the remainder in a trash can.  I don't know if it was the flood, bugs/snails or something else, but it wasn't looking too hot.

I had been out of town at my parents house during the flood and came back to a mess.  My garden looked like it had been eaten by something but then again it hadn't.  I don't know.

The carrot leaves used to stand straight up and be really bushy, but then they started to droop and get brown.  I pulled one up and it was mushy.  It might have been eaten or it might have just gotten too soggy in all the rain we have gotten but it was gross. I pulled a few more up and they were all the same.  Bye, bye, carrots.

The broccoli was barren of leaves so I pulled it up and it came out of the ground super easy, like the roots weren't alive anymore.  Bye, bye broccoli.

Radishes and beets were long gone but the few remaining ones looked not edible.  Bye.

The green onions were alive and kicking, but they needed to be picked anyway.  They were promptly added to salads.

The tomatoes were originally in pots but they looked sickly and yellow, so in early May I added them to the ground where they died.  (Sad face!)

There was a cucumber plant that magically appeared on the outside of the garden.  I'm not sure where it came from because I didn't have any of those seeds.  It was probably left over from the year before or something.  Back in late June it was eaten by a bug (I don't use pesticides) and died.

Back in June I added a black netting above the garden to help with the heat, but I guess it didn't work or maybe it worked too well?  I do't know.  I need to take a gardening class pronto.

So, that's the story of my 2017 garden.  It's sad but this wasn't a successful year for my gardening thumb.

Tomatoes: 6
Radishes:  36
Carrots:  1
Beets:  2
Green Onions:  10 (all regrowth from ones we had already used)
Broccoli:  0
Cucumber:  1

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