Wednesday, September 28, 2016

All The Ways the Walking Dead Freaked Me Out In Regular Life

I have started binge watching The Walking Dead on Netflix.  I know, I know, I always said I would never watch a show about zombies because well, they scare me, but I can't say that any longer.  I am obsessed with it and all I can think about is zombies, zombies, zombies.

I am only on Season 4, 2nd episode but that show gets in your head!  I came up with this list last night on the way home from work.  I'm telling's ALL I can think about.  I stay up late into the night saying "Just one more episode" and then someone dies or get attacked and you watch another one.  It's a vicious cycle.

A new season starts in October and I have no doubt I will finish before then.  I have to talk myself out of reading the Wikipedia page about the show and it's characters every day.

All the ways the Walking Dead freaked me out in regular life.

Here are some things I think about ALL DAY long because of the Walking Dead:

-You see someone limping at the store and you watch them closely to make sure they aren’t a Walker pushing a cart.  You are relieved to find out they just have a bad hip.  You never thought you would smile at the thought of someone ‘just’ having a bad hip, but you do. #nowalkersatTraderJoes

-Someone yawns near you and you cringe thinking they are coming in for the bite but you realize they are just tired…like you from all the binge watching of the Walking Dead that you do all night when you should be sleeping.

-You pass a group of runners and think it is a “Herd of Walkers” but then notice the sweat dripping down their faces and the running attire they have on.  You’re safe for now.  You mentally congratulate them on their tempo.

-You see cars entering freeway at high rates of speed and you think it is another survivor group trying to jack all of your supplies.  Then you remember you are on the freeway and you are going just as fast. Your pulse returns to its normal, resting state.

-You walk outside and you look both ways, listening for the sounds of walkers.  Then you realize that it is just a TV show and there are no Walkers.  As you walk to your car you look behind you every few seconds…just to be on the safe side of course.

-You pass building and think about how they can be used for shelter and scavenging for supplies if need be.  You know those desks in that office building have Skittles and other snacks in them; you make a mental note of the location ‘just in case’.  You mentally skip some buildings because they have too much glass and are easily broken into by walkers.  That would not make a safe, fortified location.  You wonder how far you are from a prison.

-You hear “Breaking News” on the news and think ‘This is it, this is the announcement from the CDC’ and think how you should have made your emergency pack already.  Then you continue watching the news and see the “breaking news” is just a Listeria outbreak at Blue Bell.  #getittogetherBlueBell  You mentally put the emergency pack  back on your to-do list.  You are too busy to do that of course because you are only on Season 4 of your binge watching and don’t have time to make an emergency pack.

-You see an image of Santa Clause and think of wise old Hershel.

-Someone is coughing around you and your first instinct is to tell them to go to Cell Block A (solitary confinement) with the other flu victims of the prison.  Then you realize that it might be just a cough and not the flu that killed so many of the group.  You then go get a flu shot and stock up on antibiotics at CVS, just to be sure.

-You only eat half of your sandwich at lunch and you think about throwing it away.  You realize Karma is a B and this moment just might flash before your eyes when you are on the road scavenging for food while Walkers wait to eat you once you go outside.  You save the sandwich for lunch the next day. #dontwastefood

-You wonder weird thoughts like ‘If Edward Cullen bites a Walker, would the Walker now become immortal?  They do have lots of blood that would attract vampires’ and then you realize you shouldn’t combine two genres because that would REALLY make you seem crazy.

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