Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Big Texan

I was updating my bucket list and marking off the completed ones and I noticed that I never wrote one for my food challenge in Amarillo!  #badblogger

Back in December a few friends of mine (and me) took a road trip to Amarillo to see the sights.  Bucket list item #3 for the weekend was attempting a food challenge.  I have always seen shows like Man vs. Food and Diners, Drive-In’s and Dives where they tour the country and try their hand at eating lots of food.    I have always heard of The Big Texan in Amarillo has a steak and potato challenge and thought I should try it.  Now, I like food but eating a ton of food usually doesn’t appeal to me.  BUT, the challenge is always fun.  I enjoy the challenge more than the idea of eating all that food.  The challenge costs $72 but if you finish it, you get it free.  

The challenge:
·         72 oz steak
·         Baked potato
·         Salad
·         Roll
·         Shrimp Cocktail
 You must complete the challenge in 1 hour while sitting at a specific table with a spotlight on you. 
Blurry picture!  Sorry
I knew I would never finish this, but it’s fun to accept the challenge. I thought I could just sit with my friends, but nooooo, they make you sit in a special table in the middle of the room with a spotlight on you.  My friends were upstairs watching from their table.  Luckily, I was saved the embarrassment of doing this by myself and two teenagers started about 10 minutes before me.  They were chowing down on their steak and I’m just going slowly.  I gave up when I had 17 minutes left (right after the teenagers left) since I was too full.  One of the guys only had 10 ounces of steak left, but he couldn’t go on.

The record is 4 minutes and it was a girl.  She didn’t have a gag reflex (guys must love her) and was basically shoveling food down her throat.  On top of eating it all in 4 minutes, she ate another one right after! 

My stomach hurt SO BAD after we left the restaurant.  It felt like a rock was sitting in it.  I will not be participating in anymore food challenges any time soon. :)  I literally had leftover steak for 3 days.  So much steak!

I got a free shirt at the end since I didn't finish it.  

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