Friday, July 17, 2015

Birthday Stops

For my 33rd birthday, I just spent the day with myself. Haha.  I got my hair blown out, went resale shop shopping (I love resale shops!), got a calorie free (ha!) cupcake, and stopped at Buck-ee’s.

I had an early morning appointment at Dry Bar in River Oaks to get my hair blown out.  I have always wanted to go (Bucket List item!!!) and decided to treat myself for my birthday.  Everyone always says that they are addicting, but I honestly wasn’t that impressed.  It’s just like when you go to the hair salon to get your hair cut and they style it for you at the end.  Is it worth $50?

The Dry Bar location was very nice though.  It was decorated with whites, grays and yellows.  Even the hair styling tools were yellow.  They thought of all the details.

They bring you to the back to wash your hair.  This was the main part where I did not like it.  Usually I love getting my hair washed by other people, but this girl was digging into my scalp with her nails!  It really hurt.  She asked me about the water temperature, but didn’t ask about the pressure of her nails.  I am not a delicate flower, I can usually take pain ok, but man. 

After they wash your hair, they lead you back to the front chairs to choose what style you wantyou’re your hair.  You choose from a menu of about 8 choices.  I couldn’t decide between Mai tai (beachy waves) or Cosmo (curly) but luckily there is a combo of both!   If I go again (not to the same person) I would choose the ‘big hair’ option called Southern Comfort. 

While doing your hair, you can get a free mimosa! 
Finished hair!
After I finished getting my hair done, I went shopping at a few favorite resale stores.  I love shopping at resale stores, you can get great deals.  I even found some deals that I can sell online for a big profit. Score!

I went to one of my favorite cupcake places afterwards, Rise Cupcakes in Friendswood, TX.  Calories do not count on your birthday!  Ha!  My favorite cupcake there is Strawberry Fields, it is delicious.

My last stop was Buckee’s for an icee and saltwater taffy (I’m telling you, calories don’t count!).  I would have stayed out later to meet a friend for dinner, but the impending storm and flooding was making its way to the area, so I just decided to head home.

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